Antonia Schleicher, Yongfang Zhang, Patrick McAloon, Na Li, Chao Yu - MEE: Motivate, Engage, and Empower Participants to Take Ownership of Learning

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This multimedia production was developed for the STARTALK 2016 Fall Conference by Antonia Schleicher, Yongfang Zhang, Patrick McAloon, Na Li, and Chao Yu.

The session describes Wofford College's spiral MEE implementation: motivating participants, engaging them in real-world tasks and applied learning activities, and empowering them to take ownership of their learning. The program's leaders discuss making learning relevant and meaningful, how they facilitate participants' internalization and application of skills, and how they build participants' metacognition of language learning processes and strategies. They also share how they loop the learning contents through different modalities, how they allow participants to combine individual interests with learning, and how they reward them to promote continued learning, as well as other programmatic details and instructional practices.


  • Chinese

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  • Video
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  • Planning
  • The Learning Experience