Paul Sandrock - Using STARTALK Curriculum and Learning Plan Templates to Plan Assessment for Learning

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This multimedia production was developed for the STARTALK 2016 Spring Conference by Paul Sandrock.

STARTALK programs focus on real applications of language. What is the proof that learners are able to use their new language? Educators need to assess learners' language performance daily (formative) and near the program's end (summative). Learn to use the revised STARTALK instructional planning tools to (1) identify specific Can-Do Statements to guide development of program curriculum, (2) set clear targets for each learning plan, and (3) create demonstrable checks for each learning episode. The overarching question is this: "How do you know what learners can do with what they have learned?" Experience how to gather evidence of performance frequently so both learners and educators can reflect on progress.

Instructional Resource(s): 

  • Student

Material Type(s): 

  • Video
  • Curricula
  • Assessment
  • Learning Plan/Lesson Plan


  • Interpersonal

TELL Domain(s): 

  • Planning
  • The Learning Experience
  • Learning Tools

STARTALK Principle(s): 

  • Standard-Based Curriculum
  • Performance-Based Assessment