Making Meaning in the Immersion Classroom

Comprehensible Input

Developed by Global Village Academy, Making Meaning in the Immersion Classroom is a five-part video series developed to help immersion teachers understand the concept of comprehensible input and to enable teachers to make input clear to students. Although developed with the immersion classroom in mind, teachers in other types of language programs will find the concepts and strategies applicable to their settings as well. See Parts 1-5 below.

Comprehensible Output (Oral Communication)

Developed by Global Village Academy,Making Meaning in the Immersion Classroom: Oral Communication discusses using comprehensible input as the foundation for developing oral communication skills. See the video titled "Oral Communication" below.

Instructional Resource(s): 

  • Teacher

Teaching Experience: 

  • Beginning
  • Experienced

Material Type(s): 

  • Video
  • Instruction

Grade Level(s): 

  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12
  • Undergraduate

STARTALK Principle(s): 

  • Learner Centered