STARTALK Multimedia Workshop - Leadership Development Program for World Language Educators

Stanford University School of Education California Foreign Language Project (CFLP)

Screenshot of Workshop HomepageThis series of e-learning modules is intended to provide professional developers with a model, resources and practical strategies for developing teacher leaders, principally in the area of World Language education, but applicable as well to developing teacher leadership in other areas of the curriculum. The series is based on the assumption that educational reform must be inclusive of teachers’ voices and perspectives on how to improve teaching and learning and as such, preparing teachers to play leadership roles is critical to attaining desirable outcomes for any educational reform initiative. Furthermore, the series is based on the belief that leadership development is acquired over time and requires the participants to apply and reflect on what they are learning and thus gain a deeper understanding of the dimension, dynamic and diverse nature of leadership.

The series focuses on identifying effective classroom teachers and providing them with the leadership skills that will equip them to play equally effective roles beyond their classrooms. It starts by having teachers explore the concept of leadership and study research findings that inform current thought on leadership development and organizational behavior. Teachers will also examine various models and diverse styles of leadership, identify qualities and traits of leaders, discover their own leadership styles and analyze group dynamics. The overall aim is to support teachers in preparing themselves to lead in a culture of change that describes most educational context in our society today.

Through a combination of PowerPoint slides, video demonstrations, and downloadable tools and instructional strategies, the different learning modules provide a comprehensive overview of the topic and the building blocks to implement such a program for aspiring teacher leaders.

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