STARTALK Multimedia Workshop - Integrating Language, Culture and Content

Occidental College

Screenshot of Workshop HomepageIntegrating Language, Culture and Content is designed to support teachers in all phases of their careers, leaders of professional development and university faculty responsible for teacher education. The workshop showcases the standards in action as Arabic language teachers integrate language, culture and content.

This program is intended for use in a twelve-hour professional development program. It contains:

  • a video program that describes the integration of language, culture and content, features the application of these concepts in elementary, secondary and university classrooms serving heritage and foreign-language learners in the public and private sectors;
  • teacher-centered activities that provide models for effective professional development and assist teachers in identifying concepts central to standards-based instruction; and
  • resources including links to lessons and thematic units that demonstrate the integration of language, culture and content.

The program is delivered in five segments:

  • Exploring the Concepts
  • Using Authentic Materials
  • Interpreting Authentic Materials
  • Facilitating Interpersonal Tasks
  • Carrying Out Presentational Tasks

For each segment, we provide instructors with interactive activities:

Before you view is designed to tap into previous knowledge, stimulate interest in the topic and prepare teachers to make meaning of the segment.

Watch and analyze provides interactive formats using activities that support teachers’ understanding of the concepts presented in the and reflected in classroom practice.

Reflection focuses teachers on what they learned, encourages them to set goals for further learning and stimulates thought about how they may apply concepts and strategies in the classroom.

Essential Questions:

  • Why is it important to integrate language, culture and content?
  • What are language, culture, and content?
  • How is the integration of language, culture and content connected to the standards?
  • What are authentic materials?
  • How can we choose authentic materials that are age and stage appropriate?
  • What strategies and activities can be used to prepare students to comprehend language, culture, and content available in authentic materials?
  • What strategies and activities can be used to make language, culture, and content comprehensible to students?
  • What strategies and activities can be used to assess student understanding of the language, culture and content taught through authentic materials?
  • What is real-world interpersonal communication?
  • What are characteristics of interpersonal communication in classrooms?
  • What is the nature of presentational communication?
  • How do we prepare students to address target culture audiences?

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Instructional Resource(s): 

  • Student
  • Teacher

Teaching Experience: 

  • Beginning
  • Experienced

Material Type(s): 

  • Instruction


  • Interpersonal

STARTALK Principle(s): 

  • Integration of Culture, Content, Language
  • Authentic Material