STARTALK Multimedia Workshop - Staying In The Target Language

Concordia Language Villages

Screenshot of Workshop HomepageStaying in the Target Language highlights both reasons and strategies for continuous use of the target language in the world language classroom. A conversation with Dr. Carol Ann Dahlberg, co-author of Languages and Children Making the Match, sets the stage for the other modules in the tutorial. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Dahlberg emphasizes that world language teachers must carefully plan their instruction to make the continuous use of the target language comprehensible to the students. Equally important, teachers must select topics or themes that are of interest to the students so that they want to be actively engaged in learning how to understand and use the language. Those topics or themes provide a framework that guides the selection of language learning activities that build on each other, giving students multiple opportunities to hear and use the language in meaningful ways. The conversation concludes with Dr. Dahlberg talking about the magic that empowers students to understand and use the target language.

Following the conversation with Dr. Dahlberg, Patricia Anderson, the first dean of the Chinese Language Village, shares her insights on why creating an immersion-like atmosphere in the classroom is so important to learning how to understand and communicate in the target language. She follows her personal story with a variety of strategies and activities that she uses to help her students be successful in learning to communicate in Chinese. Some of the strategies and activities are modeled in video clips from the workshop that Anderson led for this tutorial. Other strategies are captured in video clips from Yinghua Academy, a Chinese immersion school in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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