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  1. Sample Teacher Curriculum: Advancing TELL Online with Comprehensible Input- HADI CLASSRoad

    Material Type: Sample Curriculum Theme/Topic: Advancing TELL Online with Comprehensible Input Language: Arabic; Chinese; Persian Participant Type: Teacher Arabic; Chinese; Persian Teacher Curriculum 2017-1 Looking for more Arabic sample curricula? Click h ...

  2. STARTALK Classroom Video- Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University- Persian

    Return to STARTALK Classroom Video Collection The intermediate students in this video attend Persian classes on Thursdays after school and on Saturdays. They were part of the STARTALK summer program. Students will produce a written and oral autobiography ...

  3. STARTALK Resource Lists of Language Specific Materials

    STARTALK has compiled lists of language specific materials including: Language specific and pedagogical articles Text and reference books Cultural and language-learning websites Authentic materials and media Professional organizations Community and herita ...