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  1. 2014 Infrastructure Grant Resources

    These resources were created in 2014 for STARTALK through our Infrastructure Grant program. They are designed to fulfill critical needs in the world language community and are freely accessible to all language teachers. Classroom Language Observation Chec ...

  2. The LMU STARTALK Professional Learning Module for Instructional Leads

    The Professional Learning Module for Instructional Leads is a hybrid set of resources, activities and structured procedures that can be used to enhance, extend, and build the capacity of STARTALK Instructional Leads prior to conducting teacher professiona ...

  3. STARTALK Multimedia Workshop- Immersion Strategies and the Use of the Target Language in Chinese Classrooms

    University of California, Berkeley This online workshop is based on an on-site workshop about the use of the target language in the Chinese language classroom. The content of the workshop will be focused on exploring the immersion strategies for the effec ...