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  1. TeacherFolio for Learning Plans and Microteaching

    TeacherFolio is a set of tools that can be used for teacher development in teacher and student programs. The tools are designed to allow teachers to document the work that they are doing so that it can be used for purposes beyond STARTALK. Individual teac ...

  2. STARTALK Learning Plan Guide and Template (formerly Lesson Plans)

    For STARTALK student programs, the lesson plan is referred to as a learning plan. STARTALK student programs are required to complete learning plans for each day of instruction and for all learning experiences whether those experiences occur in the classro ...

  3. STARTALK Multimedia Workshop- Chinese Immersion: Lesson-planning in the Content-based Classroom

    Global Village Academy Chinese Immersion: Lesson-planning in the Content-based Classroom provides hands on professional development for K-12 immersion teachers on how to develop lesson plans that include both content and target language learning. Particip ...