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  1. Dari and Persian Infrastructure Building Project

    In order to support the long-term teaching and learning of Dari and Persian, the San Diego State University Research Foundation developed curricula (10 in each language) and lesson plans (200 in each language) for five courses in Dari and Persian at the N ...

  2. SDSU Instructional Videos for Dari and Persian

    Dari Instructional Videos Dari Novice Level Videos Dari Intermediate Level Videos Persian Instructional Videos Persian Novice Level Videos Persian Intermediate Level Videos English Captions Instructional Videos English Captions Novice Level Videos English ...

  3. Instructional Videos- Dari, Novice Level

    Return to SDSU Instructional Videos for Dari and Persian Tip: Click the hamburger icon in the upper right corner of the embedded video to view the full contents of this playlist. Language(s):  Dari Proficiency Level(s):  Novice Material Type(s):  Video In ...