University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Exploratory Practice Module - Sample Projects

Sample Exploratory Projects

After attending the STARTALK Exploratory Practice Workshop during the summer of 2015, STARTALK teachers participated in an ongoing Exploratory Practice project in which they identified puzzles in their own STARTALK classrooms, explored those puzzles through a variety of resources, reported on the progress of their explorations, and described and summarized their eventual understandings. A Google Site was created to gather their experiences.

Participants were required to make four posts on the Google Site as a part of their EP journey:

  1. Initial post describing the puzzle and a timeline for completion
  2. Second post describing the research done on the puzzle
  3. Third post describing changes made in their classroom, new ways of thinking, different approaches tried with students, etc.
  4. Fourth post describing and summarizing the puzzle and what they discovered

Read about four of the exciting Exploratory Practice projects undertaken by STARTALK teachers after their participation in the STARTALK Exploratory Practice Workshop.

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Instructional Resource(s): 

  • Student

Material Type(s): 

  • Instruction

TELL Domain(s): 

  • Environment
  • Planning
  • The Learning Experience
  • Learning Tools