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STARTALK is a federal grant program with administrative and financial requirements that all programs must meet. These requirements are designed to support effective program management and implementation. To meet these requirements, the National Security Agency (NSA) and STARTALK Central have developed processes for the management of this grant.

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STARTALK Online Programs, Help, Information, and Events (SOPHIE)

SOPHIE is the online platform is where programs enter and access all information related to their program. You can log on to SOPHIE by clicking the link below.


Proposal Change Request Form

Any modification in your proposal must be approved by STARTALK Central. Complete the proposal change request form below to make requests to change your proposal.

To submit the form, you will need to provide your contact information, your program serial number, and a summary of the request.

What kinds of changes require a proposal change request?

  1. Changes to your program dates
  2. Changes to your program director or instructional lead
  3. Changes to your program content (goals, language, etc.)
  4. Changes to your program location
  5. Changes to your program budget that impact or change your program content*

* Please note that for budget line item changes that do not impact the overall content of your program, you should instead send an email to STARTALK at and NSA at to request the change.

View Proposal Change Request Form

Guide for Financial Management of Your STARTALK Grant

The Guide for Financial Management of Your STARTALK Grant outlines all requirements for the financial management of your program. Details on requesting budget changes and submission of electronic invoices are provided in this guide.

View Guide for Financial Management

STARTALK Surveys via Survey Monkey

The information gathered from STARTALK surveys leads to improvements at STARTALK Central and in individual programs every year. Survey results also provide information to the STARTALK community, the government, the foreign language professional field, and the wider public. Because this information is so critical to the STARTALK program, your grant requires that you administer the STARTALK participant surveys and participate in other surveys sent to you.

View Surveys

Program Director Communications

These emails are sent to your program’s listed program director at regular intervals and provide reminders and details of upcoming program management requirements. Each communication is also available by clicking on the link below.

View Program Director Communications

PULSAR Language Learning Portfolio

Pulsar is an online language portfolio that allows students to collect evidence demonstrating their communicative abilities in a world language. The e-portfolio allows students to upload evidence of their proficiency according to the NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements.

Adapted specifically to the needs of STARTALK programs, Pulsar syncs seamlessly with a program-specific Can-Do Statements identified during the curriculum development process and allows students to upload evidence of learning that will enable instructors to provide quick and specific feedback. The use of Pulsar is required for all programs that include high school students; however, it is available for all student programs.

Pulsar is developed and supported by the Center for Applied Language Studies.

Access Pulsar

Pulsar Support

STARTALK programs are welcome to contact the Pulsar support team at or 541-357-8048

The following resources have been developed to support the use of Pulsar by STARTALK programs:

Training Module: New Users
Traning Module: Veteran Users
Webinar (2018)

STARTALK Final Reports

STARTALK programs are required to complete a final report. These reports are reviewed carefully by STARTALK, and the information provided is used to inform future decisions about the program. The reports are also shared with the funders of the STARTALK program. Combination programs must complete a final report for both the teacher and student programs. The final report must be completed in SOPHIE, the online program information system. All final reports must be submitted by September 15, 2019.

This document serves as a preview of the questions asked as a part of the final report on SOPHIE.

Final Report

Other Useful Program Management Resources

Student and Teacher Certificates of Completion

STARTALK provides template certificates of completion that programs can provide to their participants. The student template is a Word document and the teacher template is a PowerPoint document. Both are editable. Complete these template certificates of completion and hand them out to your participants at the end of your program.

View Student Certificate View Teacher Certificate

Recruitment Resources

Ahead of the STARTALK spring conference, many programs will already start recruiting staff and participants and plan their summer programs. Although the process can seem daunting, there are many resources that can help guide you in developing and marketing your STARTALK summer programs. Click the link below to access resources from past STARTALK conferences, template letters for promoting your program, plus other links and tools from around the web, as a starting point to help you get your program off the ground.

View Recruitment Resources

STARTALK Field Trip Guide and Planning Templates

Field trips are learning experiences organized for a group of students with a specific purpose outside the usual environment of a classroom. World language program administrators and teachers should expect students to benefit from every aspect of their programs, including field trips. Use the guide and templates below to ensure your program’s field trip contributes clearly to learning.

View Field Trip Guide View Field Trip Planning Templates

STARTALK Talent Release Form

The talent release form should be signed by anyone whose name, photograph, image, voice, or likeness will be used for nonbroadcast publication purposes including, without limitation, in audio, film, video, print, or any other electronic means. The form must be signed by a legal adult or parent/guardian.

View Talent Release Form

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