Classroom Language Observation Checklist Kit (CLOCK)

The Classroom Language Observation Checklist Kit, or CLOCK, is a formative assessment tool designed for K-5 STARTALK teachers to periodically assess students’ speaking and listening comprehension skills based on observations of students’ use of the target language in a classroom setting. Developing proficiency in a language is a process that takes place gradually over time. The amount of progress a student makes over a set period of time depends on many factors, including the type of language program, the extent to which the instructor uses the target language in the classroom, the frequency and length of instruction time, the types of activities teachers provide for students to use the language for real purposes in the classroom, and student motivation. The CLOCK can help teachers track student language growth and inform instruction by documenting student performance during different classroom activities. The CLOCK provides important formative assessment data, but it is not a tool to assign a summative global proficiency level.

The CLOCK consists of a User Manual and four components to help STARTALK teachers observe their students during class activities and record what they can do. These class activities can include students responding to questions or commands, interacting with classmates, or sharing information. There are two versions of the CLOCK: one for Chinese teachers that includes Chinese language samples and a generic version in English for teachers of other languages.

CLOCK Chinese

CLOCK English


  • Chinese

Material Type(s): 

  • Assessment

STARTALK Principle(s): 

  • Performance-Based Assessment