Team Leader, Site Visitor, and Consultant Resources

STARTALK provides resources designed to support effective facilitation of team leader and site visitor responsibilities. A summary of program requirements and resources are outlined in the printed program guide provided at the annual spring conference. Additional resources for team leaders and site visitors are shared below.

Team Leader Responsibilities   Site Visitor Responsibilities

Program and Curriculum Development Support

The curriculum review and approval process is facilitated online. Team Leaders should refer to the STARTALK curriculum resources well as the team leader-specific curriculum resources available on this page for support with this process.

Team Leader Resources Program Resources

The STARTALK Site Visit

The primary purpose of the site visit is to provide STARTALK programs formative feedback and recommendations for growth. Generally, a site visit team is composed of at least two site visitors, created to ensure linguistic and pedagogical expertise. The site visit team reviews program documentation, interviews program personnel and participants, and observes teaching and learning experiences the day of the site visit. Through this process, the site visit team:

  • highlights program strengths
  • identifies short-term and long-term areas for improvement
  • provides formative feedback and strategies for continued improvement in alignment with the STARTALK-endorsed principles.
Team Leader Resources Site Visitor/Observer Resources Program Resources

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

STARTALK Consultant Logistics Resources

Material Type(s): 

  • Curricula
  • Guide
  • Learning Plan/Lesson Plan
  • Administration

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  • Planning