ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interviews

Understanding Hindi and Urdu Proficiency Levels: Student Performance during Oral Proficiency Interviews

View Oral Proficiency Interviews - Urdu

View Oral Proficiency Interviews - Hindi

This is a collection of Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPIs) conducted by ACTFL certified testers demonstrating student performance at the different proficiency levels. To use these videos, teachers should read the Hindi or Urdu Proficiency Guidelines and analyze the videos by completing the following tasks:

Task 1.Teachers will watch the interviews and rate the proficiency levels by discussing the following main assessment criteria for speaking:

  1. global functions by matching them with the speaking Can-Do statements from Linguafolio
  2. the content/topics addressed at the different levels (e.g. related to self, to community, to society, to professional/academic fields)
  3. language accuracy and fluency by noting discrete elements, phrases and structures, pauses, speech rate, body language, etc. at each level
  4. text type (e.g. sentence, paragraph or extended text) along with connectors, introductory phrases, etc.

Task 2.Teachers will note elicitation strategies used by interviewer at each level.

Task 3.Teachers will analyze oral performance characteristics of Foreign vs. Heritage Language Learners based on the main assessment criteria including emphasis on the use of code switching (use of English).

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