2018 STARTALK Spring Conference Presentations

(Alphabetical by Last Name)

Reham Aly, Caroline Eckhardt, Mohamed Esa

Effective Professional Portfolios: Structure & Templates to Demonstrate Transfer

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Catherine Augustine, RAND Planning & Operating High Quality Programs: Insights from the National Summer Learning Project Presentation

Der-lin Chao, Bo Hao, Bingying Hu, Mingying Li

The Teacher Training Cycle Presentation
Marty Chen Facilitating a Learner-Centered Classroom Presentation
Alan Cheung, Yutao Liu, Jing Zhou, Liwen Zhou Using Science and Technology to Provide Comprehensible Input in the Target Language Presentation
Mien-hwa Chiang, Xueling Qu, Bonnie Wang, Maiheng Dietrich, Kim Van Etten Designing a Teacher Program With Interdisciplinary Content: One Belt One Road Presentation
Ruby Costea Implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility Presentation
 Ruby Costea, Yuliana Gunn, LiFeng Hu,  Panel:  Integrating the Gradual Release of Responsibility  Presentation
 Mary Curran, Lucy Lee, Wei-hua Shao, Katy Young, Hanying Yang, and Xiaowen Qiu  Debriefing with Microteaching Videos Presentation
Helena Curtain Focus on the Interpersonal Mode with Informaton-Gap Activities Presentation
Helena Curtain Key Starting Points for Differentiation Presentation
Helena Curtain, Rosanne Zeppieri Activities to Engage Learners and Enliven Your Classroom Presentation
 Helena Curtain, Rubab Qureshi, Priscilla Russel, Rosanne Zeppieri  Panel: Critical Components in Student Programs  Presentation
Tasha Darbes, Shilpa Parnami Technology for Collaboration and Differentiation Presentation
Pam Delfosse Teacher Program Content: Less is More Presentation
 Pam Deflosse, Jennifer Eddy, Gabriella Nik Ilieva, Adam Ross Panel: Critical Components in Teacher Programs  Presentation
Jennifer Eddy Strategies for Checking for Learning and Understanding Presentation

Jennifer Eddy

Key Look-For's in Evidence of Learning: Checking for Transfer


Jonathan Fall, Ying Jin, Zoey Liu Instructional Strategies for Making Lageangu and Content Comprehensible in the Target Language Presentation
Iman Hashem, Brandon Zaslow Developing Technology-Based Interpersonal Tasks Presentation
Iman Hashem, Brandon Zaslow How to Find Authentic Materials and Make Them Accessible to Learners Presentation
Lisa Huang Healy, Toni Theisen, Brandon Zaslow Panel: Leadership and Mentorship



Lifeng Hu  Implementing Learning Stations  Presentation
Lifeng Hu Implementing the Gradual Release of Responsibility in Language Instruction Presentation
Ying Jin Instructional Strategies for Making Language and Content Comprehensible in the Target Language Presentation
Letha Kay Goger, David Briggs Gradual Release of Responsibility Presentation
Yulianna Gunn Arizona State University’s Russian STARTALK Summer Camp Presentation
Kanti Hindi Kendra, Sushma Kumar, Madhuri Karwa Designing for Effective Instruction: Using Intentional Scaffolding to Build Literacy Skills Presentation
1 Native Music
2 Native Music
2.1 Native Music
3.1 Native Music
3.2 Native Music
1A Visual Script Recognition
1B Visual Script Recognition
1C Visual Script Recognition
1A Literacy Building 
1B Literacy Building 
2 Literacy Building
3 Literacy Building
4 Literacy Building
Kiran Khaitan, Sadhna Kumar, Renu Chadda, and Alka Khandelwal Designing Effective Learning Plans: Using Intentional Scaffolding to Build Skills in the Learning Plan Presentation
Kiran Khaitan, Sadhna Kumar, Alka Khandelwal, and Renu Chadda Designing for Effective Instruction: Development of Differentiated Tasks and Materials for Literacy Presentation
Kaishan Kong, Ping Peng, Alice Yang Approaches to Talking with Teachers about Everday Culture in a Chinese Language Classroom Presentation
Dr. Magaly Lavadenz, Dr. Elvira Armas, Krystin Wong Double the Power: Learner-Centered Teacher and Student Programs Presentation
Kevin Lee, Yu-Lan Lin, Nataliya Ushakova Panel: Integration of Teacher and Student Programs


Yu-Lan Lin

STARTALK 2017 UMass Combination Programs


Ali Moeller, Sheri Hurlbut Making the Case for Linguafolio Presentation
Ali Moeller, Xianquan Liu Creating & Managing a Learner Centered Learning Environment Presentation

Ashok Ojha, ​Nilakshi Phukan, Sanjyot Tatke, Kusum Knapczyk, Meenakshi Singh, Akila Sekar

Designing Learning Episodes from Cultural Stories 


Catherine O'Neil

Peer Coaching and Reflection: STARTALK Russian


 Catherine O'Neil, Rachid Rhenifel, Yan Wang  Panel: Coaching, Debriefing, and Reflection  Presentation

Rachid Rhenifel

Summer Language Camp


 Laura Roché Youngworth, Yan Wang  Interpersonal Speaking: The Key to Student-Centered Learning Presentation

Adam Ross

Key Look-Fors in Online Programs


Francisca Sanchez Incorporating Powerful Pedagogical Practices  Presentation

Paul Sandrock

Differentiating Learning through Can-Do Statements

Can-Do Statements

Elizabeth Sandstrom, Nataliya Ushakova, Katya Ratushnyuk STARTALK Discover Russian: Teacher and Student Combination Program Presentation
Thomas Sauer Curriculum Development Process for Teacher Programs (STAGE 1) Presentation
Thomas Sauer Curriculum Development Process for Teacher Programs (STAGES 2- 3) Presentation
Jennifer Schmitz, Yan Wang, Shi Feng, Darinda Congdon Designing Effective Learning Plans: Reaching ALL Learners Presentation
 Julie Sykes, Stephanie Knight  Performance-Based Assessment and Reflection with Pulsar - Student Programs Presentation
 Julie Sykes, Stephanie Knight  Performance-Based Assessment and Reflection with Pulsar - Teacher Programs Presentation
STARTALK Central New Program Orientation Presentation
 Laura Terrill  Using the STARTALK Learning Plan to Create Effective Lessons Presentation
 Laura Terrill  Curriculum Development Process for Student Programs (STAGE 1)


 Laura Terrill  Curriculum Development Process for Student Programs (STAGE 2 & 3)


Toni Theisen

STARTALK Leadership Decelopment for Teachers of Critical Languages and Cultures


Ann Tollefson, Roseanne Zeppieri Coaching Them Up: Micro-Teaching for Transfer Presentation
What is Micro-Teaching?
Draft Planning Doc
Nicole Ugel, Ph.D. and Katherine Felter Concentrating Efforts: Using a Classroom Rotation Model to Capitalize on Learner-Centered Language and Culturally Relevant Activities Presentation

Yan Wang

Support Student Program Teachers through Daily Reflection


Anouar El Younssi, Ph.D., Samir El Omari, Ph.D. Learning by Doing and Moving Around Presentation
Rosanne Zeppieri Training Teachers for the Future Presentation
Xia Zhang, Xiaomeng Zhang, Jingsheng Yang, Min Xue  Designing Effective Performance-based Assessment Tasks to Achieve Program Goals Presentation
Yongfang Zhang, Na Li, Patrick McAloon Empower Learners to Take Ownership of Learning from Input to Output Presentation

Brandon Zaslow

Building Leadership in the Arabic Language Teaching Community - Technology as the Core of Standards-Based Arabic Instruction



Thank you so much for taking part in the 2018 STARTALK Spring Conference. The main goal of the conference was to provide participants with opportunities to connect and learn from others and to make progress in planning for implementation of programs in Summer 2018. We hope that goal was accomplished by you and your team.  We are looking forward to October when the STARTALK Family will gather in Houston, TX to share and celebrate a successful summer of learning.


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