2018 STARTALK Fall Conference Presentations

October 19-20, 2018 • Houston, TX

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Talat Awais
Effective Use of Resources for Language Learners
Richard Brecht
Extending the Platform to STARTALK-DLI Partnerships
David Briggs
Reflection and Professional Growth with Digital Professional Portfolios
Maria Carreira
Effective Pre-program Discussion Sessions for Teacher Programs
Maria Carreira, Claire Hitchins Chik
Learner-Centered Teaching in a Project-Based Framework
Jennifer Carson, Eric Jaworski
Reflecting Forward
Der-lin Chao
Articulation for STARTALK Students: From High School to College
Henny Chen
Using Self-Assessment to Meet the Needs of Teacher Participants
Mary Curran, Lucy Lee
Online Instruction: Outcomes for Students and Teachers
Helena Curtain, Rosanne Zeppieri
Moving from I Do to We Do with Learner-Centered Activities
Smita Daftardar, Preeti Gupta, Brijrani Verma, Manju Tiwari
From Curriculum Template to the Classroom: Tools and Strategies to Design a Learner-Centered Environment
Rebecca Damari
How to Use Survey Data to Strengthen Your STARTALK Program
Tasha Darbes
Making the Most of Microteaching: Best Practices
Dany Doueiri
Crucial Elements for STARTALK Programs: Reflections from the Field
Reham Aly, Caroline D. Eckhardt
Creating Long-Term Language Learners: Developing Partnerships within and beyond Your Institution
Amy Feng
Effective Use of Teaching Assistants to Support Special-Needs Learners
Tatiana Filosofova
An Innovative Approach to In-Class Group and Pair Work at the Novice Level
 Emily Golden
Strategies to Address Special Needs Learners in Student Programs
 Meesoon Han
Strategies to Address Special Needs Learners in Student Programs
Meesoon Han
Incorporating Special Education Professionals into Instructional Staff
Iman Hashem
Strategies to Collect Key Participant Information for Placement and Grouping in Teacher Programs Differentiating Professional Development
Iman Hashem, Nawal Laymoun
Putting Learners in the Driver's Seat
Iman Hashem, Brandon Zaslow
Interacting with Authentic Texts and Tasks
Judy Hassen, Bridget Yaden
IDEA: Expanding Teacher Differentiation Strategies for Special-Needs Populations
Ching-hung Hsiao
 Innovative Scheduling in a STARTALK Student Program: The Thinking and Strategies Behind the Rotation of Student Groups
Ritu Jayakar, Sadhna Kumar
Using Action Research to Inform Planning and Practice
Belal Joundeya, Matt Bird
Engaging Activities That Create a Learner Centered Classroom and Promote Proficiency Growth
Maissa Khatib
Collaborating around Learning Plans
Jungsoo Kim, Amber Navarre
Challenges and Strategies to Motivate Participation and Collaboration in an Online Teacher Program
Yun J. Kim, JungKang Miller, Mi-Hyun Chung
Our Journey: Challenges, Strategies, and Success!
Yalan King, Xin Chen, Lucy Sui, Ching-fen Huang
Using Artificial Intelligence Technology to Create Dynamic and Adaptive Curricula for In-Class and Distance Learning
Olesya Kisselev
Building Communities of Inquiry in on-line environment of teacher programs
Stephanie Knight, Julie Sykes, Thomas Sauer
Your Students Uploaded Evidence to Pulsar. Now What?
Betty Lau, Marge Chow, Pollyanna Wang, Marie Meyer, Jingran Wan
STARTALK Teacher Certification: An Obsession
Bo Liu
Preparing for Success with Pre-student Program Orientation
Greta Lundgaard
Rebooting Differentiation: Making Sure We Know
Bose Maposa, William Bimpong, Salome Aluso, Amina Kassim
All of Us: Building a Long-Term STARTALK Community
 Ali Moeller
Collecting Key Participant Information for Placement and Grouping in STARTALK Teacher Programs
Anna Nesterchouk
Innovative Configurations for Student Success
Elisabeth Newell, Meesoon Han, HaeYeon Sara Park, SungEun Grace Shin
Embracing Diversity:From Articulate Learners to Special-Needs Students
Debora Nicholson, Cathy Ellis, Claudia Zimarowski, Sandra Devault
From Morgantown to Mudanjiang: Creating Partnerships for Success
Touria El Oudiyi, Rasha El Omeri
Facilitating Collaboration in Curriculum Development, Learning Plans & Innovative Strategies Shaping a Successful Summer Learning Experience
Ashok Ojha, Nilakshi Phukan, Akhila Sekhar, Tracie Steele
Developing Literacy Skills Using Cultural Stories
Jing Paul
Using 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos to Reflect on Learner-Centered Instruction
Rubab Qureshi
Implementing the NCSSFL-ACTFL Intercultural Communication Standards in STARTALK Programs
Elomeri Rasha
Involving Instructional Staff in Curriculum and Lesson Development
Gay Rawson
Integration of Pre-teacher Program Online Component with Face-to-Face Instruction
Rosalyn Rhodes, Matt Coss, Sabrina Huang
Can You “Can-Do”? High-Impact Strategies to Develop Effective Lesson-Learning Targets
Jacqueline Rodriguez
Strategies to Maintain a Collaborative Approach to Lesson Design
Adam Ross
Fostering Innovation and Interculturality via Project-Based Language Learning
Claudia Ross, Meng Yeh, Sara Chao, Peng Ke, Brooke Cheng
Literacy Instruction in Chinese: Transferring Theory to Classroom Application
Brendan Ryan
Using Student Work to Influence Placement and Instruction
Paul Sandrock
Checking for Learning: Adding Strategies to Your Toolbox
Paul Sandrock
Assessing Communication: What Can Learners Do with What They Know?
Majd Sarah, Nour Jandali, Ameel Attallah, Neal Locke
Keeping Students Engaged through Culture, Content, and Language
Jennifer Schmitz
Student Rotations to Build Proficiency
Arun Sharma
Authentic Videos: Astronomical Instruments (Jantar Mantar) and Artifacts from the Indus Valley Civilization
Duarte Silva
Building Community Support for Language Learning
Nusrat Sohail
Student-Conducted Interviews with Family and Community
Michelle Tan, Wen-Lin Su
Strategies to Collect Key Participant Information for Placement and Grouping in Teacher Programs
Michelle Tan, Wen-Lin Su
 Designing Student Program Applications to Maximize Differentiation
Suzhong Tian
Curriculum Development
Mamta Tripathi
Integrating Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities with Language Learning
Miao-fen Tseng
Using Needs Assessment to Guide Student Differentiation
Nicole Ugel, Maggie White
Using a Coteaching Model in Teacher Training to Foster Cultural Awareness and Inclusiveness
Nicole Ugel, Shuzhi Guo, Luhua Tai, Yanming Zhi, Pearl Lin, Hanru Li, James Yang, Avani Mack, Duoduo Liu
Strategies Supporting Success in a Student-Centered Classroom
Tatyana Vdovina, Caitlin Gdowski, Mary Spanarkel, Laura Ballard
Student-Centered Teacher Program: Increasing Interaction in a Blended Program
James Wildman, Rita A. Oleksak, Janice Dowd
Engaging Learners in Formative and Summative Assessment Using Green-Screen Technology
Oksana Willis, Ekaterina Burvikova, Alexandre Gontchar, Valeriya Kozlovskaya, Lucy LaVallee
Interdisciplinary and Multimedia Approach (IMA) to Culture Studies for Advanced Heritage
Alice Yang, Martha Biglow, Ping Peng
Teaching Language and Culture through a Lens of Social Justice
Rosanne Zeppieri, Helena Curtain, Victoria Gilbert
Integrating Literacy to Build Interpretive Skills
Jing Zhang
Learning by Doing: Involving Teacher Trainees in Learning Plan Development
Xia Zhang
Background Knowledge Strategies to Differentiate Student Placement and Instruction
Yongfang Zhang, Na Li, Patrick McAloon
Designing and Implementing Contextualized Performance Assessment Tasks

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