2016 Infrastructure Grant Resources

These resources were created in 2016 for STARTALK through our Infrastructure Grant program. They are designed to fulfill critical needs in the world language community and are freely accessible to all language teachers.


The NOVASTARTALK eTower is an open, web-based educational resource designed to help Chinese students continue their language studies when face-to-face options are not readily available. The technology powering the learning modules is designed for seamless access, allowing users to access the content from computers and mobile devices alike.

e-Tower Module

Discover Russia!

Created by American Councils for International Education, this project provides an online Learning Module for Russian language study aligned with the World-Readiness Standards for learning languages and based on the STARTALK Sample Curricula. The Module will target the intermediate-low proficiency level and will be made available free of charge to pre-college students and teachers. This Module will fill the gap as a necessary, age-appropriate resource that is seriously lacking for pre-college students who study Russian beyond the novice level and will serve as a template for future Module development.

Discover Russia!

The Berkeley-STARTALK Teacher Certification Enrichment Program for Chinese Language Teachers

The 2017 Berkeley-STARTALK Online Teacher Certification Enrichment Program for Chinese Language Teachers is a second year STARTALK Infrastructure program with a goal of combining theory and practice using meaningful and practical pedagogical approaches. This 2017 program will be possible for any program certifying Chinese language teachers to incorporate the Chinese courses into their teacher certification programs in order to enhance the Chinese teacher candidates’ performance in the classrooms.

Berkeley-STARTALK Teacher Certification Enrichment Program

HADI-CLASSRoad’s LangCred

LangCred is a first of its kind interactive website designed forUS teachers of less commonly taughtlanguages(LCTLs) that functions as a clearinghouse of up-to-date information and reliable guidance on obtaining a teaching certificate/credential. The second phase of LangCred includes a NEW searchable list of state-approved language teacher preparation programs in the US with additional resources to aid language teachers in designing their own personalized roadmaps for certification, highlighting known pathways, procedures, requirements, exams and advisory sources in individual states.


Arabic Sample Curricula by One World Now!

These Sample Arabic Curricula are designed to provide guidance and inspiration for camp directors and instructors undertaking Arabic STARTALK camps for different age groups and at different proficiency levels, and both heritage and non-heritage populations. There are four sample curricula for elementary-age students, three for middle school-age students, and four for high school-age students. All vocabulary lists have been translated to English in order to provide a resource for non-Arabic camps as well.

Arabic Sample Curricula

Dari and Persian Infrastructure Building Project

In order to support the long-term teaching and learning of Dari and Persian, the San Diego State University Research Foundation developed curricula (10 in each language) and lesson plans (200 in each language) for five courses in Dari and Persian at the Novice-Mid to Intermediate-High levels in all four modalities (e.g., listening, speaking, reading, and writing). The 2016 sample STARTALK curricula and lesson plan template were used to develop materials based on the STARTALK-endorsed principles and National Standards. Also developed were instructional videos at the novice and intermediate proficiency levels to better orient teachers with the STARTALK-endorsed principles and National Standards. The concepts are explained in Dari and Persian and supported by concrete examples and modeling in the target language.

SDSU's Infrastructure Building Project

Dari sample curricula/ Learning plans

Persian sample curricula/ Learning plans

Master’s Degree Program in Hindi/Urdu Language Pedagogy at Kean University

Kean University’s Master’s Degree Program in Hindi/Urdu Language Pedagogy will address the current lack of a strong infrastructure at national and state levels to support Hindi/Urdu teacher development and research in the area of Hindi/Urdu-specific second language pedagogy. The program is designed for cohorts of Hindi/Urdu Native/Advanced-Mid (or higher) speakers who reside in the U.S., possess a Bachelor’s Degree, and wish to:

  • teach Hindi/Urdu at the K-12 level in community schools, independent/ private schools, government schools and/or at the post-secondary/university level;
  • pursue Alternate Route teacher certification options available in NJ and in most states in order to teach in public school programs or
  • continue study and research on Second Language Acquisition and foreign language pedagogy at the graduate level.

Master’s Degree Program in Hindi/Urdu Language Pedagogy

K-5 Word Frequency Dictionary for Chinese L2 Learners

The principal goal of the Mandarin Institute-Loyola Marymount University (LMU) STARTALK Infrastructure Building the K-5 Word Frequency Dictionary for Assessing Early Literacy is to build the foundation for early Chinese reading instruction by creating lexiled vocabulary levels and assessments.

The Word Frequency Dictionary can help to:

  • Predict L2 student’s reading comprehension by grade
  • Provide vocabulary guidelines for textbook writing and reading material selection
  • Inform the development of assessments

K-5 Word Frequency Dictionary

ACTFL's Program Design Institute 2016

The ACTFL-STARTALK Program Design Institute addresses the need to provide sustained language learning for a wide variety of students currently receiving only limited instruction (such as through summer-only instruction or cultural events from local community organizations). In 2016, the Program Design Institute brought together 46 participants in 19 teams (7 returning teams and 12 new teams) to develop and implement action plans to expand or add critical language learning to provide instruction year-round. The new teams participated in the Institute August 5-7; returning teams participated in the Institute August 6-8. Four webinars were recorded of the 2016 Program Design Institute.

Program Design Institute 2016

UCLA's Heritage Language Instruction Modules

The UCLA National Heritage Language Resource Center and Center for World Languages have developed five online modules focusing on heritage language instruction for teachers whose classes include heritage language (HL) students. The modules target classroom settings that enroll HL students only as well as those that enroll both HL and second language learners. The modules are self-paced and consist of videos, readings and exercises.

Heritage Language Instruction

Instructional Resource(s): 

  • Student
  • Teacher

Teaching Experience: 

  • Beginning
  • Experienced

Material Type(s): 

  • Curricula
  • Assessment
  • Instruction
  • Presentation
  • Learning Plan/Lesson Plan

TELL Domain(s): 

  • Planning
  • The Learning Experience
  • Learning Tools
  • Collaboration
  • Professionalism