Northeastern Illinois University

Northeastern Illinois University (Teacher)




  • June 5, 2019 – July 31, 2019: (Face-to-face)

The STARTALK 2019: Summer Arabic Language Teacher Training Program (SALTT) aims to train a group of approximately 15 Arabic language educators, heritage and non-heritage, of elementary age students in the strategies of STEAM-based language instruction, the STARTALK principles, and teacher effectiveness for language learning critera. The outcomes of the program are twofold: First, the program will develop teachers who are competent in implementing STARTALK-standards-based Arabic language instruction in their classrooms. Second, the candidates will complete 94 instructional hours of content learning and practical application of STEAM-based Arabic through a 9 week blended program where teachers spend an initial 3 weeks in an online course exploring STEAM research and discussing the standards and principles of language learning before they participate in 6 weeks of curriculum design, material development, and clinical experiences in the SAMI practicum. Through their participation in the SAMI practicum, the teacher participants will ultimately learn how to 1) prepare a STEAM-based Arabic language and culture curriculum, 2) create and implement units and learning plans using backwards design and a theme, and 3) differentiate learning for diverse learners while keeping them engaged.

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