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Rooftops in Lisbon, PortugalCastle of ObidosSTARTALK is a federal grant program funded by the National Security Agency and administered by the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland which supports teacher professional development, student language learning, and instructional resource development for critical less commonly taught languages in the United States.

For over a decade, STARTALK has developed a robust collection of resources to support language teachers across the United States. On this page, you will find different categories of resources specifically for Portuguese language teachers and programs. Whether you are teaching now, preparing to become a world language teacher, or training and mentoring teachers, we feel certain that you will find these resources beneficial to your work in the field of world language education.


STARTALK has collected video footage from a variety of real classrooms and professional development presentations. These videos can be used alone or incorporated into more extensive teacher education materials as samples of a variety of best practices, including both the STARTALK Principles for Effective Teaching and Learning and the TELL (Teacher Effectiveness in Language Learning) Framework.

Lily Bueno teaching Portuguese
Teacher Demonstration of Target Language & Comprehensible Input (Lily Bueno)

In this video, Lily Bueno demonstrates a series of strategies for teachers to stay in the target language and make input comprehensible, even for novice level language learners. Notice that even if you do not know a word of Portuguese, you are still able to follow along with each step of the lesson, comprehend key information, and participate when asked to do so. All of these strategies are applicable to any teaching context and can help any teacher increase their target language use without worrying that students will not understand.

Sample Curricula

STARTALK has collected curricula utilized by STARTALK programs to serve as samples and provide support to other educators in their curriculum development process. These samples were provided to STARTALK Central by programs serving a variety of age groups and proficiency levels and were recommended for sharing by STARTALK team leaders. These curricula are intended as examples only. They have been collected over the course of several years and may not utilize current STARTALK curricula formats or models.

Designing Engaging Lessons That Develop Learner Proficiency

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In this professional development program, K-12 Portuguese teachers utilize the TELL modules to deep dive into lesson planning and implementation. Instruction is paired with classroom observations and reflection/feedback discussions to maximize transfer. .
Year: 2014
Origin:Hilmar Unified School District


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