STARTALK Summer Programs

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    YHIS-STARTALK Chinese Immersion Teacher Program



    • June 20, 2018 – July 3, 2018: (Face-to-face)
    • YingHua International School, Kingston, NJ
    Program Setting



    YingHua STARTALK Teacher Program is an intensive 12-day training program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers of Mandarin Chinese. Participating teachers of varying levels of expertise, experience, and preparedness, learn to incorporate World-Readiness standards, immersion and inquiry-based learning principles in their teaching, and continue to advance their understanding of Startalk-endorsed principles and techniques. The key components of the program involve two types of learning: direct teaching by highly-qualified instructors known for their expertise in the field of world language education, and hands-on teaching and re-teaching experience in close collaboration with the YingHua Startalk Student Program. Participants will design and deliver lessons first to peers and then to real-world students, receiving immediate feedback from peers and instructors on their lessons, which they will then revise and re-teach with higher quality. This focus on the reflection and refinement process will provide participants the opportunity to develop skills they can implement in their classrooms in the real world immediately or as soon as the fall.

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