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    YHIS-Startalk Chinese Immersion Summer Program



    Grade Level(s)

    3-5, 6-8, 9-12

    • June 26, 2017 – July 14, 2017: 3-week Student Program (Face-to-face)
    • December 16, 2017 – December 16, 2017: Chinese Cultural Weekend 1 (Face-to-face)
    • January 27, 2018 – January 27, 2018: Chinese Cultural Weekend 2 (Face-to-face)
    • February 3, 2018 – February 3, 2018: Chinese Cultural Weekend 3 (Face-to-face)
    • February 10, 2018 – February 3, 2018: Chinese New Year performance (Face-to-face)
    • YHIS-STARTALK Student Chinese Immersion Student Summer Program, Kingston, NJ
    Program Setting



    The YHIS-STARTALK Chinese Immersion Student program is a 3-week, non-residential Intensive summer program for 30 rising 3rd to 8th grade students, with diverse socioeconomic, ethnic, and linguistic background and Mandarin Chinese proficiency levels ranging from Novice Low to Intermediate mid. Through our partnership with local farms and markets, students will be learning language, content and culture in authentic contexts, arranged in science-oriented, culturally-enriching themes.

    The YHIS Startalk program will start with three (June 26 to July 14) 35-hour weeks of intensive, full immersion learning, and will extend into the school year with multiple opportunities for learners to continue and retain their learning, taking full advantage of technology as well as the vibrant learning community that is YingHua International School. With the indispensable support of the Startalk funding, attention will be centered around students in late elementary grades through middle school, an otherwise overlooked range of age of language learners, who are between community-based weekend language schools and well-funded high school language programs. Strong pedagogical leadership will ensure the quality of the program design, and the expertise and experience of teachers, together with a low student-teacher ratio, will ensure the quality of instruction.

    Student participants will be group according to their Chinese language proficiency. Student outcomes include: increased Chinese language skills, increased knowledge of and appreciation for Chinese culture, while incorporating science into Chinese learning.

    For more information, please contact Michelle Tan at
    Phone: 609-375-8015.

    (609) 375-8015
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