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    Chinmaya Mission Chicago (Student)

    Chinmaya Mission STARTALK Summer Hindi Camp - 2017



    Grade Level(s)


    • July 10, 2017 – July 28, 2017: (Face-to-face)
    • Chinmaya Mission - Yamunotri Campus, Grayslake, IL
    Program Setting



    Chinmaya Mission STARTALK Summer Hindi Camp - 2017 (CMSSHC-17) will take place in Grayslake (a north-west suburb of Chicago), IL, July 10th to July 28th, 2017, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. offering 90 instructional hours over the 15 day camp (M-F each week for three weeks) to introduce thirty six 8-10 year old students to conversational and written Hindi at novice mid (proficiency) / novice high (performance) and novice high (proficiency) / intermediate low (performance) levels.
    The theme "MY COOL SCHOOL" will be divided in three sub themes - 1) MY - Me & You (learners will exchange information about themselves, their families, friends, likes, dislikes, daily school routine, extra-curricular interests with classmates) 2) COOL - Cultural Orientation Offered through Language (learners will compare and contrast American and Indian cultures as they explore school life, holidays such as Diwali and Halloween, after school activities, and a few customs they encounter in the Hindi camp) - 3) SCHOOL - STARTALK Chinmaya Hindi - Outstanding Opportunities for Learners (students will make connections with other disciplines through hands on activities, such as math, science, geography, arts, health, and nutrition).
    As the outcome of the program, learners will be able to communicate in all three modes of communication, immersed in cultural practices (such as folk dances, songs, greetings, showing respect to elders) and products (such as food, clothing, books, music, movies) of Hindi speaking natives.
    Learners will make connections with other disciplines, such as math, science, arts, health, and nutrition, compare and contrast American and Indian cultures (different holidays, sports, customs) and languages (gender differentiation in Hindi, prepositions vs. post-positions, degrees of formality, sentence structure, etc), take their learning beyond the classroom by visiting a local senior center, where most seniors speak Hindi, who will be able to share their school experiences with our learners and by connecting with similar age children in India through Skype / Google Hangout and sharing school-learning experiences with each other.
    Working in teams of three, through discussions, negotiation, and voting, our learners will be able to design their COOL SCHOOL and invite others to study at their school.

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