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    University of Hawaii Systems (Student)

    Hawaii Chinese Camp and Institute



    Grade Level(s)


    • July 10, 2017 – July 28, 2017: Hawai‘i (Face-to-face)
    • University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI
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    Twenty-five students (ages 14-17, with either no or minimal background in Chinese) in the STARTALK Hawaii 2017 NON-RESIDENTIAL program will be able to handle many Novice tasks after their three weeks (105 instructional hours—seven hours a day, five days a week) at camp, including: telling and asking about basic personal information, saying something about the life of Dr. Sun Yatsen (who was educated in Honolulu), requesting favorite foods, talking about healthy vs. unhealthy food choices, describing a dim-sum lunch excursion, telling something that others are unlikely to know about Honolulu's Chinatown, shopping and bargaining, telling something about Hawaii's relationship to China, reading for pleasure at least 10 beginner story books in Chinese, identifying key information in written texts such as Chinatown signs and handwritten notes, filling in key information in forms, writing postcards in Chinese, and creating and illustrating simple stories.

    (808) 956-2692
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