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    Balvihar Hindi School VHPA, Atlanta (Student)

    Startalk Balvihar Hindi Language Summer Camp2017



    Grade Level(s)

    6-8, 9-12

    • June 2, 2017 – June 9, 2017: (Online)
    • June 12, 2017 – June 24, 2017: (Face-to-face)
    • Lakeside Middle School, Cumming, GA
    Program Setting



    This blended 96 hour camp (total 18 days program with 12 days face to face and six days of pre-camp online segment) with two weekend breaks will target 75 middle and high school students and will be based on five C’s to help students in developing proficiency in three modes of communication. Lesson plans will be developed keeping main focus on culture besides the target language and will be posted on for Startalk reference and community. The program will be centered on learners and full attention will be paid to individual needs. Best practices in instruction and assessment will be implemented. We will use differentiating tasks to address different levels (novice, intermediate and advance) of proficiency in aural and literacy skills.

    (770) 962-2669
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