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    AKEEP [Alabama Korea Education & Economic Partnership] (Student)

    AKEEP STARTALK: Cultural Treasure Hunters



    Grade Level(s)

    3-5, 6-8

    • July 16, 2018 – August 3, 2018: (Face-to-face)
    • Troy University Montgomery Campus, Montgomery, AL
    Program Setting



    AKEEP STARTALK: Cultural Treasure Hunters is a 3-week (15 days) program by the Alabama-Korea Education & Economic Partnership (AKEEP) to provide Korean language and cultural instruction to forty-eight (48), 4th – 6th-grade Novice-low, non-heritage students. By the end of 120 instructional hours, students will perform at Novice Mid ACTFL language levels and will be able to greet and introduce themselves to Korean-native speakers using culturally appropriate register, titles, and gestures. They will be able to write, read, and recite the names of seven primary colors, compare Korean traditional clothing, and be able to give and react to directional commands. They will be able to identify familiar foods and unique Korean ingredients found in cultural dishes. Finally, they will learn practice presentational skills through learning two Korean children's songs, a traditional dance to perform for friends and family, and presenting on Korean artifacts found in a museum.

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