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    University of Wisconsin System (Student)

    STARTALK Korean Language & Culture Academy



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    • June 26, 2017 – July 28, 2017: summer program (Face-to-face)
    • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
    Program Setting



    The UW-Madison STARTALK Korean Language & Culture Academy will offer high school participants in-depth exploration of Korean language, and popular and traditional culture in Korea, in a 5-week, half-day, non-residential program. The program will be led by an experienced team of faculty and instructors from the UW-Madison Korean Language Program in the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures, with the assistance and participation of UW-Madison undergraduate students of Korean who will serve as program assistants, guests from the community who will lead interactive workshops on cultural topics, and K-buddy peers in Korea. The UW-Madison Language Institute will offer expertise in program design as well as administrative support.

    Target participants will be 20 high school students with no or minimal proficiency in Korean.

    Working within the program theme of “From Wisconsin to Korea,” and with Novice Mid proficiency goals in mind, participants will explore themes of Let’s Get Acquainted, Daily Schedules, In Restaurants and Around Town, and Traditions Here and There. Based on a backward-design approach to lesson planning and curriculum development using the STARTALK curriculum template, daily learning plans will work towards goals based on real-life usage of Korean that incorporate exploration of cultural practices, products and perspectives as well as language proficiency.

    Korean language and culture lessons taught by experienced teachers of Korean will be supplemented by interactive workshops in rich dimensions of Korean culture, such as martial arts, dance, cuisine, and popular culture, led by members of the campus and local communities. The exploration of these cultural products and practices, and the perspectives that underlie them, will be integrated with language learning. To further enable language use both within and outside of the classroom and with diverse communities, students will also meet via videoconference with K-buddy peers in Korea, to share information about themselves and to gain perspective on teen life in Korea. Undergraduate students of Korean will serve as mentors and program assistants, providing models of developing language learners for STARTALK program participants.

    The students’ developing knowledge and abilities will be assessed using performance-based measures based on real-life scenarios. In these assessments, participants will demonstrate their functional abilities in using Korean and employ their understanding of targeted Korean cultural practices, products and perspectives. Unit-level performance assessments will, for example, ask participants to view a video on a Korean holiday, describe the holiday to a classmate, and then create a greeting card for a holiday. Students will set goals, and document and reflect on their progress, through an online portfolio (LinguaFolio). A final video project will provide the opportunity for students to synthesize what they learned in the program.

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