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    Agnes Scott College (Student)

    Georgia STARTALK Program: Chinese & Turkish


    Chinese, Turkish

    Grade Level(s)

    6-8, 9-12, Undergraduate

    • July 3, 2017 – July 15, 2017: no class on July 9 (Face-to-face)
    • Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA
    Program Setting



    The 12-day Chinese and Turkish programs with a total of 84 hours instruction in Chinese or 84 hours instruction in Turkish will allow 24 middle school and high school students (grades 6-12) who have limited or no previous experience in Chinese to attain novice-mid proficiency in Chinese, and 10 high school juniors and seniors (grades 11-12) along with college freshmen and sophomores who have limited or no previous experience in Turkish to attain novice-mid proficiency in Turkish. During each 7-hour day, students will engage in immersive language learning, practicing Martial Arts or Taekwondo, drumming, and music. The theme “A Musical Journey through China, a Musical Journey through Turkey” will provide ample opportunities for communication about food, geography, families, music, and basic greetings and introductions; learning about the cultures and content of the Chinese/Turkish traditions, music and sports; connecting to art and history. A field trip to the Atlanta Chinatown and the Turkish Istanbul Cultural Center will provide a rich exchange of activities with native speakers and an authentic opportunity for interpersonal communication. By the end of the program, students will reach "novice-mid" in all modes of communication based on the ACTFL proficiency guidelines and will be able to handle many authentic tasks, including telling and asking about basic personal information, commenting on their favorite Chinese or Turkish food, cities and musical instruments, designing itineraries, and performing skits and songs in Chinese or Turkish.

    (404) 471-6531
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