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    Fayette County KY Board of Education (Student)

    FCPS STARTALK Chinese Summer Program 2017



    Grade Level(s)

    K-2, 3-5

    • June 12, 2017 – June 23, 2017: (Face-to-face)
    • Tates Creek Middle School, Lexington, KY
    Program Setting



    The Fayette County Public School District’s 2017 STARTALK Chinese Summer Program will provide 50 instructional hours via a 2-week summer program for 120 district students (rising grades 1 – 6) who are currently studying Chinese language in district schools as well as native/heritage speakers in those grades.
    Expected outcomes include 1) students will sustain and/or improve their language proficiency levels (novice – intermediate); 2) students will increase their knowledge of and experience with Chinese culture; and 3) student experiences will help build interest among other students to participate in school-year Chinese classes and future STARTALK programs.
    The program will result in an increase in the number of students studying Chinese throughout the secondary grades and eventually at the postsecondary level, strengthening the K – 16 pipeline.
    Participating students will develop a more global view of their community, an appreciation for other cultures supporting the district’s mission of creating a collaborative community that ensures all students achieve at high levels and graduate prepared to excel in a global society.
    The program will also engage parents in actively supporting the district’s Chinese language program, which may play a critical role in the district continuing to fund it in future years.

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