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    Penn State (Teacher)

    Penn State STARTALK Arabic Academy for Teachers



    • June 1, 2019 – July 12, 2019
    • Penn State University, University Park, PA
    Program Setting



    This professional development program, designed for 10 current and prospective teachers of Arabic at middle school, high school, and post-secondary levels, uses a three-part blended learning structure: (1) a 3-week pre-seminar online component (estimated 20 hours' instructional time), June 1-20; (2) a 7-day residential seminar (54 instructional hours), held at Penn State's University Park Campus, June 22-28, during which the teachers participate in teaching high school and college students who are taking an introductory Arabic course at Penn State; and (3) a post-seminar online component (estimated 7 hours), July 7- 12; for 81 hours total. The broad outcome at which we aim is to contribute to the national effort to expand instructional capacity in critical languages, including Arabic. More specifically, by the end of the program, participants will have demonstrated their abilities to plan and successfully present standards-based learning experiences in the target language; and through final portfolios they will also have demonstrated a mindset for transfer of their STARTALK learning and a knowledge of career pathways, including certification or further degrees where relevant.

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