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    HEB ISD (Student)

    STARTALK : Building a Legacy


    Arabic, Chinese, Hindi

    Grade Level(s)

    6-8, 9-12

    • June 3, 2019 – June 21, 2019: (Face-to-face)
    • Central Junior High School, Euless, TX
    Program Setting



    HEB ISD’s “STARTALK: Building a Legacy” language academy will provide three weeks / 90 hours of student-centered learning and instruction in Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi to rising sixth and seventh graders for novice level, and intermediate level practice for 8th-11th grade students, as well as exposure to all three languages and cultures. Projected enrollment for Arabic, Chinese, and Hindi is 50 students per language, comprising 30 novice sixth and seventh graders and 20 intermediate students. At the end of this academy, we expect rising sixth and seventh-grade students to achieve novice low-to-mid level oral proficiency in their language of choice and upper grades students to achieve intermediate low-to-mid level. We anticipate that approximately 90% of our seventh-grade students will continue in the language course in the fall in our district. For intermediate students, we expect their scores on the IB exams to reflect the benefits of additional language practice and cultural experience.

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