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    Kent State University (Student)

    KSU STARTALK: Russian and Chinese Student Academy


    Chinese, Russian

    Grade Level(s)


    • June 17, 2019 – July 12, 2019: (Face-to-face)
    • Kent State Regents STARTALK Foreign Language Academy, Kent, OH
    Program Setting



    Our program targets rising juniors and seniors in U.S. high schools who are new learners of Mandarin Chinese and Russian. The major goals of the Academy are to provide a safe, culture-rich environment for the early development of communicative proficiency; to set our students on the path to advanced-level proficiency; and to assess the impact of the program’s innovative language teaching approach. The Academy will follow a theme-based curriculum with a task-based pedagogy designed to close the gap between classroom performance and real-world proficiency by providing learners with opportunities to perform real-world problem solving tasks, to explore their individual interests in Chinese and Russian language and culture, to connect with native speakers of the language both in the local community and online, and to discuss career opportunities with individuals who use the language in their professional life. The total number of instructional hours is 244, and the Academy will begin on June 17, 2019 and end on July 12, 2019. The summer program is followed by a mandatory academic-year blended-learning component, upon successful completion of which participants receive high school and college credit.

    (330) 672-1813
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