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    Wofford College (Student)

    STARTALK Chinese Student Program @ Wofford College



    Grade Level(s)

    6-8, 9-12

    • June 17, 2019 – June 28, 2019
    • STARTALK Chinese @ Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC
    Program Setting



    STARTALK @ Wofford offers 110 instructional hours, blended beginning Chinese language and culture courses (two-week intensive summer classes, 40-hour online learning, literacy engagement activity, or individualized sessions in the fall and early winter) to forty-five 6th-12th graders in Spartanburg, Greenville, nearby counties and other places who have little prior access to Chinese language and culture. The goals are to provide communicative language learning and hands-on cultural activities to promote participants’ learning of Chinese language and culture, and to boost their awareness of the national need to learn a strategic language such as Chinese, the differences/similarities between Chinese language and culture and their base language and culture, and an awareness of the local Chinese community. During the program, participants will receive performance-based language instruction, participate in hands-on cultural activities, and apply what they have learned in tasks that simulate future communication in an exchange program. Participants will engage in all communication modes, and improve their language proficiency 1-2 sublevels higher.

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