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    University of Utah (Teacher)

    University of Utah Portuguese Teacher Training



    • June 6, 2018 – June 9, 2018: Residential (Face-to-face)
    • Snowbird - The Lodge, Snowbird, UT
    Program Setting



    The 2018 University of Utah Portuguese Startalk Teacher Training program is a four-day residential experience offered to 28 Portuguese dual language immersion teachers in the state of Utah. During 40 hours of instruction, novice and intermediate teachers will gather from eight elementary schools and five secondary schools to learn the best practices of dual language immersion and work on improving existing curriculum in grade level teams. Participants will specifically focus on (1) unpacking grade-level language arts standards and World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, (2) writing daily learning objectives for both content and language, (3) using the Counterbalance method for improving language accuracy, and (4) scaffolding instruction of written language proficiency using authentic materials from Brazil. As a result of this training, teachers will be able to impact the instruction of as they: (1) design and deliver culturally-relevant instruction that is standards and proficiency based; and (2) improve both oral and written communication of students in terms of accuracy and fluency. The materials produced during the training will be be used with 2000 Utah students currently enrolled in Portuguese dual language immersion and countless future students to come both in the state and across the country as a national resource for Portuguese language learning and immersion.

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