Curriculum Resources for Teacher Programs

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STARTALK provides teacher programs with a curriculum template, knowing that a common template design will facilitate the sharing of units, instructional strategies, and quality materials. The template is designed to capture best practices in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Curriculum Development

The STARTALK curriculum template for teacher programs supports programs in using backward design and the Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL) Framework to develop a quality curriculum for their programs. A development guide and review questions are provided to support teacher programs throughout each stage of the curriculum development process.

Development Guide   Review Questions

TELL Framework

The Teacher Effectiveness in Language Learning (TELL) Framework identifies the characteristics and behaviors that effective language teachers possess. This framework is used to determine specific goals for teacher programs as part of the curriculum development process.

The TELL Framework documents have been refreshed for 2019

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Sample Curricula

STARTALK has collected program curricula utilized by previous STARTALK programs to serve as samples and provide support to teacher programs in their curriculum development process. These sample curricula aim to inspire programs as they develop their own curricula by sharing examples of curricula implemented effectively by programs in the past. They have been collected over the course of several years and may not utilize current STARTALK curricula format or model.

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