2020 Surveys of STARTALK Alumni

Since 2007, STARTALK has offered over 1600 free or low-cost summer programs for students and teachers of critical languages nationwide, teaching 66,000 students and providing teacher development to 14,000 teachers. Every year, language students report that STARTALK has motivated them to continue studying their STARTALK language, to seek out new experiences in the cultures of their target languages, and to consider careers in world language fields. STARTALK teacher participants report higher levels of confidence in their teaching, wider professional networks, and increased career potential.

In 2020, STARTALK is collecting information to measure the long-term impact of STARTALK on the lives and careers of student and teacher program alumni. Our longitudinal survey of alumni is administered every few years, giving us a broader understanding of the academic and professional outcomes for our alumni, and helping STARTALK to better serve its mission of increasing the number of U.S. citizens learning, speaking, and teaching critical need foreign languages.