2016 Fall Conference Presentations

October 14–15, 2016 • Atlanta, GA

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Mohamed Abdel-Kader

Keynote Address: International Education and the 21st Century Presentation
Svetlana Abramova, Anatoliy Klots Bringing Language to Life through STEM and Community Engagement Presentation
Bishan Agrawal, Alok Kumar, Ved Chaudhary, Renu Mendiratta Integrating Science and Technology through Simple Lab Experiments and Project Work Related to Theme Presentation
Reham Aly, Caroline D. Eckhardt Aligning the Objectives of Student and Teacher Programs in STARTALK Combination Programs Presentation
Bryan Anderson, Taimur Khan The NFLC e-learning Portal Presentation
Brian James Baer, Theresa A. Minick Fostering a Mind-set of Continuous Growth: Recruitment, Motivation, Lifelong Learning Presentation
Peggy Boyles One Size Does Not Fit All: Designing and Differentiating Instruction for Developmental Age Presentation
Der-Lin Chao, Zhuting Chang, Bo Hao How to Design a Fully Integrated Student-Teacher Combination Program Presentation
An Chung Cheng, Piling Chiu, Lan-Chi Gauler, Yue Gu Transforming Heritage Language Teachers in a Learning Community Presentation
Dan Conrad AAPPL, Conversation Builder, and Your STARTALK Program Presentation
Mary Curran, Lucy Lee, Athena Rubino, Katy Young Teaching STARTALK Languages for Global Competence Presentation
Helena Curtain, Michael Everson, Claudia Ross Planning through Guiding Principles for Early Literacy Experiences for Beginning Learners of Chinese Presentation
Erin DeBell, Rosalyn Rhodes, Eric Loyd High-Impact Administrative Practices Learned by a Veteran Program Presentation
Pam Delfosse STARTALK Voices Plenary Video
Dany Doueiri, Gaby Semaan Transcending the Language Classroom: Planning a Comprehensive STARTALK Program Presentation
Jennifer Eddy, Gabriela Nik. Ilieva Assessing Performance for Transfer with the Three Modes of Communication Presentation

Mayeen Farooqui, Munir Shaikh, Letha Groger, Mohammad Aleem

Updates on LangCred.org!


Marjorie Hall Haley

How to Successfully Engage and Motivate Teachers to Take Ownership of Their Learning


Betsy Hart, Jing Wei, Government Representatives Plenary: Celebrating STARTALK at 10: A Stellar Past and a Brighter Future


Mei-Ju Hwang, Ann Ferriter Reaching Parents and the Community through Blogging Presentation
Janis Jensen, Rashmi Gupta, Asma Dorria MA in Hindi and Urdu Language Pedagogy Presentation
Marlene Johnshoy, Frances Matos-Shultz, Xiaowei Hunt, Rita Jayakar, Shannon Spasova

Transitioning to Teaching Language Online: Strategies and Tools

Olga Kagan, Maria Carreira, Claire Hitchins Chik, Kathryn Paul Building the Infrastructure: An Online Certificate for Heritage Language Educators Presentation

Yalan King, Chingfen Huang, Xin Chen, Xiaohong Sui

Integrating Local and International Community Resources for Learning


Li-Jen Kuo, Sungyoon Lee, Wei Xie, Han Fang Integrating STEM with World Language instruction through Student-Centered and Project-Based Activities Presentation

Stella Kwoh, Duarte Silva

Sustainable Teacher Recruitment, Preparation, and Support for Continuous Professional Growth and Success


Stella Kwoh, Henny Chen, Hsin-Yun Liu, Liyun Liu, Minghui Anderson, Sophie Chuang, Yaru Chen, Faye-Lynn Wu The Berkeley-STARTALK Teacher Certification Enrichment Program for Chinese Language Teachers: 2016 Infrastructure Building Project Presentation
Betty Lau, Marge Chow, Kathlyn Mickel Ten Years of STARTALK Teacher Certification Presentation

Magaly Lavadenz, Ping Liu, Yalan King, Qian Helen Zhou

Using the K-5 Chinese Word Frequency Dictionary to Build Assessments


Elaine Liu Evidence of Engagement and the Summer iPad Craze Presentation
Mouna Mana, Lina Kholaki, Munir Shaikh Developing a Fully Online STARTALK Student Program Presentation

Theresa Minick, Brian James Baer, Dali Tan

Walking the Talk: How to Connect Theory and Practice in Teacher Training Programs


Myriam Met Introducing New Language to Novice Learners Presentation

Debbie Nicholson, Sandra DeVault, Claudia Zimarowski, Cathy Ellis

Using the Local Community and Volunteers for Staffing


Cynthia Ning, Joanne Shang

Bringing It All Together through Reading and Technology: STARTALK Hawaii's Reading Room and Missions Lab


Rubab Qureshi

Understanding and Planning for Heritage students in STARTALK


Gay Rawson, Mary Thrond

Robotics and Virtual Technologies to Facilitate STARTALK Programs


Claudia Ross, Peng Ke, Sara Chao, Brooke Cheng Microteaching Chinese Literacy Skills: Tuning Up Teachers and Lessons Presentation
Paul Sandrock Building a Pathway to Proficiency through Performance Presentation

Paul Sandrock, Greta Lundgaard

Program Design Institute: Sustaining Learning beyond the Summer

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Handout 2

Elizabeth Sandstrom, Nataliya Ushakova, Kateryna Ratushnyuk, Jane Shuffelton Online Learning Module for Precollege Students at the Intermediate Level: Discover Russia! Presentation
Thomas Sauer From Practice to Performance: Bringing the Assessment Lens to a STARTALK Program Presentation
Thomas Sauer, Adriana Brandt, Laura Terrill Leveraging STARTALK Resources to Maximize Impact for Teacher Development Presentation
Thomas Sauer, Greta Lundgaard The Learning Episode: Teaching for Transfer and Independence Presentation

Antonia Schleicher, Yongfang Zhang, Patrick McAloon, Na Li, Chao Yu

MEE: Motivate, Engage, and Empower Participants to Take Ownership of Learning


Jennifer Schmitz, Brandon Locke, Yan Wang Providing a Pathway to Immersion Presentation
Elisabeth Shovers, Rosanne Zeppieri Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner Presentation
Chenqing Song Designing and Differentiating a Thematic Curriculum Presentation
Julie Sykes, Stephanie Knight LinguaFolio Online 2016 Outcomes Presentation
Dali Tan, Shaoyu Chi, Angela Gunder, Susan Picard A Trip to China through NOVA STARTALK eTower: A Research-Based and Literacies-Focused OER Presentation
Jennifer Tanaka, Sarah Standish, Kathryn Ong STARTALK Model Curricula for Arabic Language Camps and Best Practices Handbook Presentation

Laura Terrill

The Power of Image


Laura Terrill

Effective Lesson Design: Planning for Learning with the STARTALK Learning Plan


Lynn Thompson, John Chi

Modeling two STARTALK Principles through a Teacher Training Program Presentation
Miao-fen Tseng, Henny Chen Making a Miracle Happen Online: Why, How, What Presentation
Yongling Zhang-Gorke, Andie Wang, Kaishan Kong Preparing Chinese Teachers to Teach Culture through Reflective Pedagogy Presentation

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