STARTALK 2014 Spring Conference

May 2-3, 2014 • Austin, TX

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Presentations Presenters
Moving Across Levels Guiding Interpersonal Performance Arnold Bleicher
Teacher Curriculum Templates: Curriculum Planning as easy as one, two, three! Adriana Brandt
Mixed Classes: Reconceptualizing Language Teaching in the Age of Heritage Language Learners Maria M. Carreira, Ph.D.
Presentational Communication Donna L. Clementi
Empowering STARTALK Students through Assessment Greg Duncan
Writing a Good STARTALK Proposal Jennifer Eddy, Mouna Mana
Student Curriculum Templates Top Ten Must Have's Handout Jennifer Eddy
Student Curriculum Templates Top Ten Must Have's Jennifer Eddy
Aligning Assessment Type and Purpose with Use David P. Ellis, PhD
Literacy Strategies in the Chinese Classroom Michael Everson
Engaging Digital Natives With Free Technology Laura Franklin and Angela Gunder
STARTALK And Government Updates Betsy Hart
Integrating Language, Culture, and Content Gabriela Nik. Ilieva, Thomas Sauer
Authentic Tasks Olga Kagan
Effective Practices For Maximizing Learner Performance: STELLA Live! Claire Kotenbeutel, Michael Everson, Duarte Silva
Program Information System Kris Poedjosoedarmo, Acacia Reed
STARTALK Surveys and Consent Forms Nicole Rumeau
Assessment to Inform Instruction Handout Paul Sandrock
Developing Interpretive Communication: Guiding Learners to the Next Level of Performance Paul Sandrock
Moving Teachers from Impossible to Empowered: Teaching in the Target Language Antonia Schleicher
Professional Knowledge and Performance: What are the Essentials for STARTALK Teachers? Claire Kotenbeutel, Michael Everson, Duarte Silva
STARTALK Linguafolio Online: Setup and Implementation Julie Sykes
Intercultural communication competencies for Arabic learners, based on the ILR Skill Level Descriptions Catherine W. Ingold, Mohammad Taha
Common Core, National Standards, and STARTALK Best Practices Brandon Zaslow

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