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ACTFL (teacher)

STARTALK: ACTFL/CLASS Chinese Teacher Program at Glastonbury

Glastonbury, CT • Chinese • July 6, 2009 July 17, 2009Residential Session
Glastonbury, CT • Chinese • July 20, 2009 July 31, 2009Residential Session

There are two sessions offered for teachers of Chinese (July 6-17 and July 20-31). These sessions focus on delivering a standards-based Chinese program and include demonstration teaching and portfolio development. Both sessions are full for summer 2009.

703-894-2900 Ext. 110 • mabbott@actfl.org

Aldeen Foundation (teacher)

STARTALK Teaching Arabic Through Communication: Guidelines for Success

Pasadena, CA • Arabic • June 18, 2009 July 3, 2009

This program is composed of an online program that participants complete from home and an onsite program. online program includes 20 real-life workshops recorded and posted online. The workshops were given by Professor Mahdi Alosh, an expert and leading figure in the field of teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL).online program prepares the participants by giving them the requisite knowledge for the onsite program. The onsite program is a 12-day program,from June 18-July 3, excluding weekends. During the first six days of the program, participants will be introduced to the main theoretical and pedagogical concepts of teaching AFL through a combination of seminars, hands-on workshops, and micro-lesson teaching presentations to get a clear understanding of the basic practices of teaching AFL according to the communicative approach. The second six days of the program are comprised of a practicum. During this phase, participants will work closely with coaching Master Teachers that they will observe, reflect on their practices, and discuss any thoughts with them. Participants will also be assigned limited time to teach real classes and will be given feedback. Participants will be awarded $1,000 and may apply for five units of credit from Loyola Marymount University.

626-577-2199 • AldeenStartalk09@aldeenfoundation.org

Bangor Chinese School (teacher)

STARTALK: The Future Teaches Chinese

Bangor, ME • Chinese • June 22, 2009 July 3, 2009

The Future Teaches Chinese is a special summer experience sponsored by STARTALK and the Bangor Chinese School for teachers of Chinese, aspiring teachers, and interested others. Developed by language and curriculum experts, our Bangor-based program provides participants a no-cost opportunity to improve skills and learn the most innovative methods of teaching language. With its affiliations, STARTALK offers an excellent environment to grow in language proficiency and teaching know-how while meeting a network of Maine educators and speakers of Chinese who are willing to share what they have learned with participants. This is a two-week program. The first week provides teaching strategies, standards, curricula, technologies, and performance-based principles derived from the standards of CLASS, Hanban, and Maine Learning results. This section also includes the topic of classroom management and methods of assisting students with learning disabilities. Maine teacher certification of Chinese was detailed. The second week offered participants the opportunity to teach Chinese and apply the knowledge learned in the first week. The program will be held at Husson University, Monday to Friday, June 22-July 2, 2009, 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. A limited number of need-based residential spaces are available. A prize or stipend will be awarded to selected participants.

207-990-0710 • jingzhang@bangorchinese.com

Boston University (teacher)

Academy for Arabic Teachers: STARTALK Arabic K-16 Teacher Professional Development Program at Boston University

Boston, MA • Arabic • July 2, 2009 July 31, 2009

The Academy for Arabic Teachers (AAT) is an intensive four-week Arabic K-16 teacher professional development program at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. The program addresses all key aspects of foreign language instruction, focusing on Arabic as a Foreign Language. A three-week solid theoretical foundation phase will be followed by a one-week practical training phase at the Arabic Summer Academy, the nationally recognized STARTALK high school Arabic student program at nearby Charlestown High School in Boston, and three top Boston-area academic Arabic language programs (Boston University, Harvard University, and Northeastern University). The program’s main goal is to graduate highly competent Arabic teachers who are equipped with current foreign language acquisition and instruction theory, pedagogical tools, and practical experience. AAT includes a cohort of renowned experts in Arabic and second language acquisition disciplines with rich teacher training experience. The program runs July 2–July 31, 2009, with two weeks of online coursework and two weeks in Boston. Participants will be awarded a $1,000 stipend. There are no tuition or registration fees; materials and textbooks will be provided. The application deadline is June 5, 2009.

617-353-6232 • giselle@bu.edu

Brigham Young University (teacher)

Arabic Teacher Workhop

Provo, UT • Arabic • June 22, 2009 July 15, 2009Residential Session

Come join us for an engaging three and a half week apprenticeship that will give you hands-on experience in running a lively Arabic program. In addition to experiencing our intensive high school and university-level programs, you will acquire familiarity with BYU's Middle East Studies, Arabic major, and Arabic minor, which result in scores of students reaching ACTFL-certified advanced-level proficiency every year. Apprentices will gain firsthand experience with our innovative and sociolinguistically authentic approach to learning spoken and written Arabic. Participants can earn three credit hours for BYU's Arabic teaching methods course.

801-422-6531 • belnap@byu.edu

Brigham Young University Chinese Flagship Center (teacher)

Brigham Young University Chinese Teacher Training Workshop 2009

Provo, UT • Chinese • July 6, 2009 July 31, 2009Residential Session

none provided

801-422-9189 • linda.larsen@byu.edu

Bryant University (teacher)

Bryant STARTALK Chinese Language and Culture Teacher Program

Smithfield, RI • Chinese • June 29, 2009 July 18, 2009Residential Session

This three-week program offers two tracks: The Language Track is for current and prospective Chinese language teachers from public, private, and heritage schools. During the first week, participants will receive intensive training on language teaching methodology, strategies, standards, contents, and technology. During the second and third weeks, participants will be asked to teach practice classes with middle and high school students in the morning, for a stipend of approximately $500, and participate in cultural workshops and activities in the afternoon. The Culture Track is for teachers of social studies, history, arts, literature, science, and other subject areas who are interested in incorporating Chinese content into their curriculum. This track will focus on providing participants with knowledge and classroom activities about Chinese culture and history. At the same time, participants will spend about 30 hours learning basic language skills, which will enable them to conduct basic daily conversations and develop a better understanding of Chinese culture through the language. There is no program fee. Participants only need to pay $150 for textbooks and a $200 deposit. Free, on-campus dormitory housing is available for participants who live 30 miles or more from Bryant. Teaching grants ($400 each) are available.

401-232-6566 • kliu1@bryant.edu

California Foreign Language Project (teacher)

STARTALK 2009 Stanford University Leadership Professional Development Program for Teachers of Mandarin Language and Culture

Stanford, CA • Chinese • July 7, 2009 July 15, 2009

This program is designed for Mandarin language educators who have participated in either the 2007 or 2008 Stanford University STARTALK programs. It will continue to strengthen the participants’ linguistic and cultural knowledge and, especially, their teaching practices, but will concentrate its efforts on building a cadre of teachers who can begin to play leadership roles in program planning, curriculum development, and assessment practices in their districts and schools. The participants will continue to interact during the 2009-2010 academic year in both face-to-face and follow-up programs sponsored by the California Foreign Language Project and via the My eCoach online virtual community. The program will take place July 7-15, 2009.

650 736-9042 • duarte.silva@stanford.edu

Cape Henlopen School District (teacher)

Delaware Lighthouse Chinese Partnership: A STARTALK Summer Program for Teachers of Early Language Learners

Lewes, DE • Chinese • July 13, 2009 August 1, 2009Residential Session

none provided

302 645-6686 Ext. 234 •

Center for Applied Linguistics (teacher)

CAL STARTALK Proficiency Assessment Training Program

Washington, DC • Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Persian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu • June 5, 2009 October 8, 2009

This STARTALK workshop will combine online and face-to-face workshop formats to provide training in language assessment. The purpose of the workshop is to help STARTALK program directors, instructors, and/or teacher trainers learn about and plan for assessment in their STARTALK summer programs. The workshop focuses on assessment with particular attention to assessing language growth in short-term STARTALK programs for students with novice-level proficiency. This blended learning workshop combines distance learning and face-to-face interaction. The workshop will begin with a four-module online course on the basics of assessment. Consistent with the blended learning approach, the initial four modules are followed by a two-day face-to-face workshop at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC, in July, 2009. After the face-to-face workshop, CAL will continue the online modules in order to provide assessment assistance, advice, and support during participants’ STARTALK programs. Finally, optional oral proficiency workshops, conducted online, will be available in the fall of 2009. This workshop is limited to staff from STARTALK-funded programs. We hope that at least one person from every program participates. Organizers: Meg Malone, Lynn Thompson, Vicky Nier, and Anne Donovan Application: You can request the application and DRAFT syllabus from

202-362-0700 • mmalone@cal.org

Center for Human Services (CHS) (teacher)

CHS/McDaniel Summer STARTALK Institute on Arabic and Chinese Language Instruction

Westminster, MD • Arabic, Chinese • July 27, 2009 August 21, 2009

CHS/McDaniel Summer StarTalk Institute on Arabic and Chinese Language Instruction, will provide an intensive 4-week flexible 90 hour program, leading to three graduate credits, from July 27, 2009 to August 21, 2009. The program will require face-to-face meetings at McDaniel College and participation on online. Interested in improving your ability to teach Arabic or Chinese? Want to learn new strategies that engage and excite students using film, role-playing, problem-solving and more? Interested in learning how to become a certified instructor or go on to earn a master’s degree? The Institute will provide an innovative to assist all participants to develop a solid foundation to pursue continued professional growth as instructors of Arabic or Chinese. Designed to assist a broad spectrum of needs – from master teachers to pre-service instructors - the curriculum will reflect a balance of current theories in second language acquisition (SLA), research and best practices in teaching Arabic and Chinese. Using a team approach, participants will explore proven strategies, the use of appropriate technologies, assessment and culturally appropriate communication strategies to reach diverse learners. Our team based instruction will actively involve participants through presentations, facilitated discussion, peer instruction, group work, role-playing, problem-solving and reflection.

(410) 871-3123 • startalk.mcdaniel@gmail.com

Concordia Language Villages (teacher)

STARTALK: Second Language and Immersion Methodologies for Teachers of Chinese

Bemidji, MN • Chinese • July 19, 2009 July 29, 2009Residential Session

The course in second language and immersion methodologies is designed to provide both beginning and experienced teachers with a forum for discussing classroom teaching and learning, and the importance of context in a communicative approach to second language and immersion instruction. Through background reading, and subsequent discussions led by experienced teachers of Chinese, participants will be able to clarify their understanding of the course content, including the application of the Standards for Foreign Language Learning for the 21st Century to effective lesson and unit design. Participants will also share strategies with each other through micro-teaching. Because the program is a residential program, the participants will have opportunities to share ideas and extend discussions beyond the classroom time. The class discussions will be complemented by observations and participation in activities at the Chinese Language Village. Participants will share their observations of the instructional program at the Chinese Language Village with the leadership and staff to foster a dialogue related to best practices in teaching and learning the Chinese language and culture. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded four graduate credits.

218-299-4544 • clementi@cord.edu

Concordia Language Villages (teacher)

STARTALK: Best Practices in Assessment for Teachers of Arabic

Bemidji, MN • Arabic • July 23, 2009 August 1, 2009Residential Session

Participants will begin their exploration of assessment by participating in the ACTFL OPI Assessment Workshop. The workshop will give the participants a common understanding and allow them to share experiences assessing the oral proficiency of students with varying backgrounds in the Arabic language. Following the OPI workshop, participants will share assessments they currently are using and their goals for using them. Together the group will review the assessment samples to determine the degree to which they assess the goals of the Standards for Foreign Language Learning. They will discuss professional readings on assessment and reference sample assessments as appropriate. Because the program is a residential program, the participants will have opportunities beyond the classroom to share ideas and help each other build common understandings of best practices in assessment for the Arabic language classroom. Participants will visit the Arabic Language Village to observe and participate in the language and culture immersion program. They will meet with the leadership of the village to share their observations and discuss best practices in teaching and learning the Arabic language and culture. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be award four graduate credits.

218-299-4544 • clementi@cord.edu

Consortium of Texas Chinese Language Institutes (teacher)

STARTALK Ice Breaking Program

Houston, TX • Chinese • April 3, 2009 May 31, 2009
Plano, TX • Chinese • April 3, 2009 May 31, 2009

The theme of the Texas STARTALK Chinese Teacher Program is "Word to World." The goal is to lead the trainees to move beyond word/grammar teaching to focusing on real-world communication in a language classroom. Participants will understand that the ultimate goal in foreign language teaching and assessment is to create contexts and provide opportunities for students to use the language to engage in meaningful communication in real-world situations. The Texas STARTALK Teacher Program offers 90 hours of instruction centering on topics of national standards, performance-based approaches and assessment, second language acquisition, teaching Chinese as a second language, technology for language teaching, curriculum development, and daily lesson plan design. Our program includes four university instructors from Rice University, the University of Houston, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and two high school teachers from Chicago and New Jersey. The program also arranges teaching practicums during the summer in June and July. The Teacher Program starts in April and ends in May.

713-528-3445 • mengyeh@sbcglobal.net

DePaul University (teacher)

DePaul STARTALK Teacher Program

Chicago, IL • Arabic • June 22, 2009 July 3, 2009
Chicago, IL • Arabic • July 6, 2009 July 17, 2009

The DePaul Arabic STARTALK Teacher Program offers two courses to teachers and prospective teachers of Arabic from Chicago and its suburbs. A total of 30 teachers will be selected to participate. Arabic material and resources will be developed and posted online. After an initial orientation, participants will be asked to review a list of materials one week prior to the start of each of the programs and discuss them through a designated online social group. The first course duration is two weeks (June 22-July 3) with 5 contact hours each week. It will introduce participants to the essentials of teaching Arabic as a second language, including methods and strategies for teaching language skills, planning lessons, selecting and developing materials, and assessing. The K-16 Arabic National Standards will be incorporated in all aspects of teaching and assessment. The second course duration is two weeks (July 6-17), with the first week onsite and the second week online. It will target experienced teachers who took prior DePaul STARTALK courses or equivalent courses. Participants will learn to use technology for teaching, communication, material and resource development, assessment, and contributing to Arabic open-sources. Materials and resources developed will be posted online when appropriate.

773-325-8639 • nakhtark@depaul.edu

DePaul University Chinese Language Academy (teacher)

DePaul University Chinese Language Academy: Teacher Training & Professional Development

Chicago, IL • Chinese • June 15, 2009 June 26, 2009
Chicago, IL • Chinese • June 22, 2009 July 22, 2009
Chicago, IL • Chinese • June 15, 2009 June 26, 2009

DePaul University's Chinese Language Academy (CLA), offers a two-week intensive course, "Teaching Chinese: Linguistics, Approaches & Strategies," CLA's curriculum highlights best practices and latest research on Chinese pedagogy, teaching methodology, and second language acquisition. Targeting novice teachers starting new programs and current teachers motivated to engage in innovative professional development, CLA instruction is led by DePaul’s team of university faculty and seasoned secondary teachers with expertise in teaching Chinese as a 2nd language. The course emphasizes 3 important areas: curriculum development, instructional delivery, and assessment. Participants will have the concurrent opportunity to participate in a supervised practicum, linking their course instruction to the DePaul STARTALK CLA for Academically Gifted High School Students. Engaged in 30 practicum hours in the STARTALK CLA Student Program, participants will observe, assist, teach, and tutor under the supervision of the lead instructor and DePaul STARTALK CLA teaching team. Participants will receive: daily lunches plus all books, course materials,access to audiovisual/technology equipment,60 CPDUs or continuing professional development units, and at minimum, one graduate credit hour to all participants (Up to 3 additional graduate credit hours may be applied for).

773 325-8389 • ylau@depaul.edu

George Mason University (teacher)

Interactive Approaches to Teaching Arabic and Chinese in US Schools: Making the Transition

Fairfax, VA • Arabic • June 29, 2009 July 17, 2009
Fairfax, VA • Chinese • June 29, 2009 July 17, 2009

The two week institute will focus on alternative ways to structure interaction in classrooms and their advantages over traditional approaches. Further, examination will be made of how varied approaches can be applied to language learning that will enhance teacher expertise, student performance, and lead to the creation of new materials for teaching both Arabic and Chinese. Spencer Kagan’s work in moving instruction from teacher-centered to learner-centered will be highlighted. By using these active engagement structures, students learning Arabic and Chinese who might not participate in the traditional classroom, will become engaged. One advantage of the interactive structures over a traditional approach is authentic assessment. Another advantage is that the interactive structures align instruction with a stimulus level to which today’s millennial learners have become accustomed. Week one will include four days of professional development workshops. Days one and two will feature a Spencer Kagan trainer who will direct instruction focused on transitioning to an interactive classroom. Days three and four will be led by content experts in Arabic and Chinese who will focus on strengthening teacher effectiveness and best practices. During week two teachers will actively participate in a multimedia learning environment using Blackboard.

540-253-5014 Ext. 0000 • mhaley@gmu.edu

Global Village Academy: Adams-Arapahoe School District J-28 (teacher)

Chinese Science Immersion (CSI) Teacher Training Program

Aurora, CO • Chinese • June 15, 2009 June 19, 2009

The Chinese Science Immersion (CSI) Teacher Training program is sponsored by Global Village Academy, a K-8 immersion charter school in Aurora, Colorado. The program is opened to teachers of Chinese with an interest in content-based immersion pedagogy. Teachers will increase their capacity to use content-based full-immersion strategies, further develop immersion-based curricula tied to Colorado Model content standards, and increase the language immersion time in oral and written Mandarin of students in grades 2-5. Each teacher will be responsible to complete a one-week training program (June 15-19) and a one-week hands on practicum (July 6-10, 13-17, or 20-24). Teachers will work in cohorts with a science curriculum developer and a Chinese immersion specialist to design hands-on lesson plans in science using Chinese immersion strategies. All teachers will be responsible to deliver one lesson and to participate in their cohort in giving feedback to teacher peers. A stipend of $1,000 will be given to teachers who complete the program.

303-309-6657 Ext. 109 • cburton@globalvillageacademy.org

Human Assistance & Development International - CLASSRoad (teacher)

Leading the Way in Content-Based Arabic Instruction

Culver City, CA • Arabic • May 4, 2009 May 22, 2009
San Bernardino, CA • Arabic • August 3, 2009 August 24, 2009Residential Session
San Bernardino, CA • Arabic • August 17, 2009 August 24, 2009Residential Session

"Leading the Way in Content-Based Arabic Instruction" is a two-part professional development course for K-16 Arabic language teachers. The first component is a competitive two-week online course that provides development of the teachers' professional and pedagogical skills through the use of video lectures, quizzes, and an online discussion board for participant interaction. Following the online session, teachers with the highest grades will be invited to join a two-week intensive onsite program at California State University, San Bernardino. The onsite workshop features in depth and hands-on application of the material discussed in the online course and includes building a thematic unit, creating lesson plans, micro-teaching lessons in the classroom, field trips and much more.

310-568-2724 • classroad@hadi.org

Hunter College (teacher)

STARTALK Chinese Teacher Training Program at Hunter College

New York, NY • Chinese • June 24, 2009 July 23, 2009
New York, NY • Chinese • July 24, 2009 August 20, 2009

Hunter College’s Chinese Teacher Training Program (6/24–7/23) will offer three 3-credit courses at undergraduate and graduate levels: Methods, Second Language Acquisition, and Teaching Chinese With Technology. These courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for the New York State Chinese Certificate and for Hunter College’s MA degree in Teaching Chinese. Non-Hunter students can take courses with non-degree status. The courses will be taught by college professors with high school teaching experience. Participants can choose to take one or more of the offered courses depending on personal interest and time availability. Training will be conducted every day (Monday through Thursday and some weekends) from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. through a variety of activities including lectures, classroom instruction, observation, student teaching, presentations, workshops, and individual research projects. Different levels of student teaching (tutorial sessions, small group, or whole class teaching) will be assigned to participants based on their ability and background. Instructors will be available for office hours, lesson plan writing clinics, and individual conferences to assist teacher-trainees. Participants will produce teaching videos on classroom management, teaching stories, and theme-based teaching. Program participants will receive scholarships if they complete course requirements with satisfactory performance.

212 772-4965 • chsummer@hunter.cuny.edu

Indiana University Center for Chinese Language Pedagogy (teacher)

Chinese Pedagogy Institute: STARTALK at Indiana University

Bloomington, IN • Chinese • June 14, 2009 July 1, 2009Residential Session

The Indiana University Center for Chinese Language Pedagogy will host a two-and-a-half-week residential Chinese Pedagogy Institute (CPI) for middle and high school teachers. This professional development opportunity is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of 20 current and prospective secondary teachers, who will earn 4-5 graduate-level credit hours through IU's School of Education. This course of study also partially fulfills the requirements for secondary teacher certification in Chinese. The course content has been guided by the standards for K-12 Chinese language teachers, recently developed by the Chinese Language Association Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS). Areas addressed include the following: effective methods and techniques for teaching Chinese, principles for selecting and adapting instructional materials, processes for curriculum design and instructional planning, and implementation of lesson plans and class management. Participants will discuss theories and research related to teaching Chinese as a foreign language, observe and critique pre-recorded Chinese classes, and apply instructional and management skills in a classroom with 10 middle and 10 high school students, among other activities. Sites for this institute will be IU's Bradford Woods, where participants will be involved in a week-long intensive pedagogy training session, and the IU-Bloomington campus, where a week-long practicum will follow.

812-856-0412 • cclp@indiana.edu

Iowa State University (teacher)

STARTALK: Mentoring, Leadership, and Change in K-12 Chinese Teaching

Ames, IA • Chinese • June 15, 2009 June 19, 2009Residential Session

STARTALK Mentoring, Leadership, and Change in K-12 Chinese Teaching National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center Iowa State University When: Sunday, June 14, 2009 to Saturday, June 20, 2009 Where: National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center, Iowa State University Who: Practicing K-12 Chinese teachers with strong leadership potential Why: This institute will empower Chinese K-12 teachers to assume expanding leadership roles in their districts and states in the following ways: • Exploring best practices in Chinese teaching and learning • Collaboratively designing classroom materials • Experimenting with social technologies as tools for professional networking, mentoring, leadership, and learning • Discussing strategies to initiate, implement, and sustain change Institute Staff: • Institute Leaders Cindy Kendall, Ingham ISD Cherice Montgomery, Brigham Young University Marcia Rosenbusch, Iowa State University • Chinese Cultural & Linguistic Consultant Susan Gong, BYU Chinese Flagship Center • Demonstration Master Teacher Jessica Haxhi, Waterbury Schools • Apprentice Institute Leaders Aaron Bray, Sheboygan Falls School District Janna Chiang, Stopher Elementary School En-Ming (Grace) Heebner, MSD of Washington Township & Westlane Middle School Apply: Complete the online application form at Submission deadline: MAY 22, 2009 National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center N131 Lagomarcino Hall, Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011

515-294-6699 • nflrc@iastate.edu

Loyola Marymount University (teacher)

Chinese Language Teacher Preparation: Summer Institute for 2009

Los Angeles, CA • Chinese • June 15, 2009 August 7, 2009

The School of Education at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) continues with its second year of Chinese Language Teacher Preparation by offering a 6 -week long program leading to the certification of 25 qualified teachers of Mandarin in K-12 bilingual immersion or foreign language classrooms in California. The STARTALK Chinese Language Teacher Summer Institute for 2009 takes place between June 15th and August 10th 2009. 15 continuing Chinese Language teacher candidates (Cohort 1) will begin their second year in the MA and Elementary or Secondary credential program and will complete an additional 6 units of study. Cohort 1 will be joined by our second cohort of 10 Chinese Language Teacher candidates who will also complete 6 graduate units towards their California teaching credential and masters degree. STARTALK teacher candidates will also receive support in taking state-required licensure tests for teachers.

310 338-2924 • mlavaden@lmu.edu

Michigan State University (teacher)

STARTALK: Learning Arabic and Making Connections: The Third C

Dearborn, MI • Arabic • July 20, 2009 August 7, 2009

Michigan State University is looking for 16 teachers of Arabic to participate in a 3-week summer STARTALK program, Arabic Language and Making Connections. STARTALK is a federally-funded program for language educators. This is a 3-week commitment, from 8:45 to 4:00, Monday through Thursday each week, from July 20 to August 7. PARTICIPANT TEACHERS WILL BE REIMBURSED $1,000 FOR THEIR TIME If you’re interested, please send an e-mail to Dr. Wafa Hassan ( by June 15, 2009. Include the following information:  Your name, address, and e-mail  Your school and current teaching status  A recent copy of your CV  A letter indicating your goals and interest in attending the program Selected teachers will be contacted and will receive more documents to complete and submit by July 5.

517 353-7870 • hassanw@msu.edu

Middlebury College Language Schools - Chinese (teacher)

STARTALK Workshop for Teachers of Chinese

Middlebury, VT • Chinese • July 27, 2009 August 31, 2009Residential Session

The workshop will be a component of the six-week MA program and as such, will be open only to enrolled MA students. In addition to graduate level courses, students will have the opportunity to work on curriculum design and materials development during the full six-week program. Through lectures, discussion, and hands-on experiences, participants will learn to understand the nature and process of learning Chinese as a foreign language, to identify critical issues in Chinese foreign language pedagogy, and to enhance their ability to develop appropriate teaching materials. They will plan and develop effective classroom activities to help students develop proficiency in the target language across the three communicative modes (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational,and the five goal areas (communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities) as outlined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century.

802 443-5510 • sun@middlebury.edu
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