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University of Wisconsin, Madison (student)

STARTALK: Pushkin Summer Institute in Russian Language

Russian • Residential Program
  • June 22, 2015July 31, 2015: Program segment (face-to-face)
  • UW-Madison, Madison, WI

The Pushkin Summer Institute (PSI) at UW-Madison attracts academically serious high school students from underrepresented communities to its intensive 6-week program in Russian language and culture. Central to the PSI mission is the goal of drawing a new, diverse population (in terms of ethnicity, race, and socio-economic status) to the field of Russian studies. Piloted in 2012, the PSI program offers intensive classroom instruction and a well-developed, integrated extracurricular program that allows students to put their Russian skills into practice in a variety of situations. Upon completion of the program students return to their high schools to continue Russian instruction and act as mentors to their fellow students. Most of our participants will be first-generation college students, and the PSI program endeavors to prepare these young people for life on a major university campus with the longer-term goal of helping them make a successful transition from high school to college and providing them with a strong foundation for their college career. Once PSI alumni enter college, it is anticipated that they will place into a higher level of Russian in their freshmen year and will be strong candidates for intensive programs such as the Russian Flagship at UW-Madison.

608-262-3498 • dmbethea@wisc.edu
Showing results 1 through 1 of 1.