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Aldeen Foundation (teacher)

Arabic 4 All

Arabic • May 16, 2011July 1, 2011
  • Aldeen Foundation, Pasadena, CA

This workshop is designed to help Arabic language teachers better understand the differences between L2 and HL learners, and learn how to differentiate curriculum and instruction to address the range of skill levels present in HL classes. After the two weeks of online and face to face training, the training will help strengthening participants understanding of the differences between teaching L2 and a heritage language. The Five Cs from the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century is the underlying principle of the curriculum and various approaches and methods in implementing these Standards in the heritage language classroom. Participants will learn how to use differentiated teaching. Attention will be paid to teaching mixed classes: heritage and non-heritage speakers or heritage speakers of various levels of proficiency in the same class. Language-specific sessions will be conducted by experts in Arabic. The Aldeenstartalk Arabic Teacher Training Program has two modalities: 1-Online training (one week May 16th to May 27th) 2-The face to face (one week June 27th - July 1st from 9am - 5pm) training workshops:

626-577-9122 • Aldeenstartalk09@aldeenfoundation.org

Aldeen Foundation (student)

Arabic 4 All

Arabic • July 5, 2011July 22, 2011
  • New Horizon School, Pasadena, CA

Aldeen Foundation will offer three weeks of intensive Arabic language in the 2011 summer program that will accommodate both novice Arabic language learners and heritage learners as well. This intensive three week non-residential course is open for high school students who want to develop literacy and a deeper understanding of historical and contemporary Arabic literature and culture. The program welcomes as well students with no previous knowledge of Arabic. The classroom setting will allow heritage language learners (HLL) and second language (2L) to interact and exchange cultural information during the program. The "Arabic 4 All" project based curriculum will allow students to build academic proficiency in Arabic, using culturally relevant themes such as literature, music, famous figures, historical figures, scientists and poetry as a vehicle for listening, writing, speaking, and reading tasks. Students will have access to individualized instruction and feedback. The course is equivalent of four college units from Cal State University of world language instruction.

626-577-2199 • lkholaki@gmail.com

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (student)

Launch into Arabic at the U.S. Naval Academy

Arabic • June 27, 2011July 22, 2011
  • U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

This is an intensive four-week program in Arabic language for rising 11th and 12th graders or graduated seniors. The program is non-residential and students must provide their own transportation. Classes are held at the U.S. Naval Academy and will accomodate both beginners and those who participated last summer. Online applications can be found at

410-293-6353 • burt@usna.edu

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (student)

Discover Russian Student Program

Russian • July 5, 2011July 29, 2011
  • Discover Russian Student Program, Fairfax, VA
  • Discover Russian Student Program, Glastonbury, CT

This is an intensive two-week program for students interested in learning the Russian language. The student program in Fairfax, VA, runs from July 5-15 from 9:00-3:00 and is for rising 9th graders; the Glastonbury program runs from July 18-29 from 9:00--3:00 for 7-12th graders with little or no experience with the Russian langauge. Both programs are non-residential, do not provide transportation and are designed for beginning students learning Russian language and culture. Online applications for both programs can be found at

703-955-9228 • betsy.sandstrom@fcps.edu

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (teacher)

ACTFL/CLASS Discover Chinese Professional Development Program

Chinese • July 5, 2011July 29, 2011Residential Program
  • ACTFL/CLASS Glastonbury Public Schools, Glastonbury, CT

This is an intensive two-week program for current or prospective teachers of Chinese. The focus is on developing and maintaining a high quality standards-based Chinese program. Graduate credits are optional for a nominal fee. Those who successfully complete the program receive a $400 travel stipend. Applicants may apply online to attend either the July 5-15 or July 18-29 program. Both programs include a weekend workshop. Online applications are at

201-265-5256 • drjdowd@aol.com

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (teacher)

Discover Russian Teacher Program

Russian • July 5, 2011July 29, 2011Residential Program
  • Discover Russian Teacher Program, Fairfax, VA
  • Discover Russian Teacher Program, Glastonbury, CT

This program provides professional development for current or prospective teachers of Russian with optional graduate credits for a nominal fee. There are two residential sessions: July 5-15 in Fairfax, VA and July 18-29 in Glastonbury, CT. Both sessions include a weekend workshop and provide a $400 travel stipend for those who successfully complete the program. Online applications for both programs can be found at

703-955-9228 • betsy.sandstrom@fcps.edu

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) (student)

ACTFL/CLASS Discover Chinese Student Program

Chinese • July 5, 2011July 29, 2011
  • ACTFL/CLASS Choate Discover Chinese Student Program, Wallingford, CT
  • ACTFL/CLASS Glastonbury Discover Chinese Student Program, Glastonbury, CT

This is an intensive four-week program for students interested in learning the Chinese language. The Choate Rosemary Hall program is designed for both beginning and advanced students in grades 9-12. The Glastonbury program is designed for both beginning and advanced students in grades 7-12. There is also an elementary school program in Glastonbury. [For the elementary program contact Rita Oleksak at] Both programs are non-residential and meet from 9:00-3:00 Monday through Friday from July 5-29. There is a $150 tuition payment due upon acceptance into the program. Online applications can be found at

860-652-7954 • oleksakr@glastonburyus.org

Anchorage School District - Scenic Park Elementary (student)

StarTalk Chinese Language Culture Summer Camp

Chinese • June 6, 2011June 19, 2011
  • Scenic Park Elementary, Anchorage, AK

Scenic Park Elementary StarTalk Chinese Language Culture Summer Camp program is a 2-week non-residential program, starting on June 6 and ending on June 19th. The program is designed to provide 60 Kindergarten through 5th students (ages 5-10) with enjoyable activities as they discover Chinese culture and language. The students will have the opportunity to experience and learn Chinese in a fun, stimulating and exciting environment. There will be 85 instructional hours. During this two-week long period, students will develop basic Mandarin Chinese language listening and speaking skills through singing, play performance, painting, games, and daily culture activities. They will be able to communicate using simple Chinese. They will also be motivated to continue to study Chinese in the future.

907-742-1650 • yang_guohua@asdk12.org

Appalachian State University (student)

2011 Startalk North Carolina Student Summer Russian Program

Russian • July 18, 2011July 31, 2011Residential Program
  • Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

The 2011 STARTALK North Carolina Student Summer Institute in Russian will be a two-week, residentia- immersion Russian Language and Culture Program offered July 18 - July 31, 2011, at Appalachian State University (ASU), in Boone, North Carolina (NC). The program will be offered to NC students in grades 9-12 who have been enrolled in online Russian instruction offered solely via distance learning during the school year (there are 95 of these in all). It is important to bring these students from across the state together in one place and create an immersion environment where they can bond socially, learn more Russian, and put their language skills to use. The theme of the Institute is Discover the World of Russian Fairy Tales. In-class and out-of-class activities will center around this theme and connect it with the art and music of Russian culture. Also, this summer institute will offer an intermediate level of Russian for heritage speakers, because this is the largest population of students currently enrolled in the online Russian program in North Carolina. By offering this level in an immersion environment on campus, we can accommodate students who have taken Russian online and further develop their oral and written skills.

828-262-2918 • barclayiy@appstate.edu

Arizona State University (student)

From STARTALK to Flagship: ASU Chinese Language Summer Camp 2011

Chinese • June 5, 2011June 19, 2011Residential Program
  • Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

ASU Chinese Language Summer Camp: From STARTALK to Flagship offers a 15-day residential program for motivated Arizona high school students. This program provides students an opportunity to explore and expand their knowledge in Chinese language and culture through a highly structured theme- and task-based curriculum. During the program, students will receive intensive Chinese language instruction and participate in fun, hands-on cultural activities. The program boasts a living-learning setting, where participants will also gain first-hand college life experience. All evening activities are monitored and supervised by resident advisors who reside in the ASU residence hall with students. After the program, students will commit to continuing Chinese language learning. Scholarships are available for those who take Chinese classes at ASU.


Arlington Virginia Public Schools (student)

STARTALK Summer Program in Chinese and Arabic Grades 4-12

Arabic, Chinese • July 11, 2011July 29, 2011
  • Ashlawn Elementary School, Arlington, VA
  • Northern Virginia Community College, Arlington Campus, Arlington, VA

The STARTALK Summer elementary exploratory program is intended for students who have not studied these languages. Arlington students can begin foreign language study in the 7th grade. The goal of this program is to expose students to these languages within the context of thematic units geared to students’ developmental level and interests. The focus of study will be on understanding main aspects of the cultural richness of China and Egypt and on communicating about everyday needs and experiences through hands-on activities and projects. The STARTALK Arabic and Chinese Secondary Program is intended for students who have not studied or have limited knowledge of these languages. The goal of this program is to motivate students to begin or continue the study of Arabic and Chinese. The program can accommodate up to 25 students per language. Focus of study will be on understanding main aspects of target culture and communicating about everyday needs and experiences through field trips, hands-on activities, song, and technology.

703-228-6096 •

Association of Chinese Schools (teacher)

STARTALK Hatching Teacher and Student Program

Chinese • May 15, 2011July 3, 2011
  • STRTALK Hatching Teacher Program, East Parsippany, NJ

This is an Ten-days training Chinese teacher program that aims at strengthening participants’ teaching practices Plus 10 hours online digtal learn. Participants will learn about the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century and various approaches and methods in implementing these Standards in the classroom. They will learn how to become reflective practitioners who can plan and implement their curriculum, while trying to align curriculum, instruction with assessment. Participants will have the opportunity to teach micro-lessons to high school students and receive feedback from both peer participants and professional development specialists. By the end of the program, participants will be able to design and deliver standards-based lessons. Additionally, they will develop their skills to carry out differentiated instruction and integrate culture, content, and technology into teaching practices. Moreover, they will develop peer-coaching skills and learn how to provide constructive feedback to colleagues.

973-769-3842 • jliu@linkhigh.com

Association of Chinese Schools (student)

STARTALK Hatching Teacher & Student Program (Student)

Chinese • July 5, 2011July 30, 2011
  • Chatham Middle School, Chatham, NJ
  • Scotch Plains Fanwood High School, Scotch Plains, NJ
  • Siant Michels Schools, Flushing, NY

The focus of the programs is to provide the students the opportunity to learn basic Chinese language and the culture within a relaxed and welcoming environment. The goal is for students to be able to greet people and handle daily conversation about themselves and their families by the end of the summer. The conversational themes and topics being addressed include age/grade, numbers, dates (years, months, and days), family members, and countries. The cultural topics include calligraphy, festivals, crafts (lantern making, knots, etc.), Chinese games, lion dance and yoyo. The program hopes to inspire the student’s interest to continue learning about the Chinese language and culture. And, the program is for students to develop a language foundation and interest in Chinese culture that will encourage them to continue learning Chinese beyond the STARTALK Hatching summer program.students will also have an opportunity to continue learning Chinese through theWeb-based language learning system. Teacher for the student program will come from the STARTALK teacher training program and have at least two years of teaching experience. They will work with the instructional staff to implement the overall curriculum and plan daily lessons. The program will be started on July 5 and ended on July 30.

973-538-7411 • jliu@linkhigh.com

Balodyan (student)

Balodyan Hosted Awesome STARTALK Summer Hindi Immersion Camp (BHASSHIC) 2011

Hindi • July 18, 2011July 29, 2011
  • Chinmaya Mission Chicago - Yamunotri, Grayslake, IL

Balodyan Hosted Awesome STARTALK Summer Hindi Immersion Camp (BHASSHIC) aims to introduce 50 kids, ages 8 to 13 to conversational and written Hindi. This is a full day Hindi immersion program with emphasis on hands on activities and culture-rich experience. Participants will be grouped in different classes based on their prior Hindi knowledge. Camp Theme : Friends Rock through Hindi Talk. बातचीत कीजिए, दोस्त बनाईये, हिंदी के जरिये| Participants will 1)learn to introduce themselves and their families and learn about others in Hindi, 2)exchange information about their interests, 3)cook Indian food, 4)play Indian games and 5)participate in cultural celebrations. They will learn Hindi through three modes of communication - interpersonal, interpretive and presentational by participating in activities like Yoga, group dances, songs, skits, movie clips, cultural presentations and celebrations, indoor/ outdoor games, growing sprouts, cooking daily meals in groups. They will be able to apply their learning in real world settings when they visit their Hindi speaking relatives or tourist places in India, encouraging them to keep practicing their Hindi lifelong in the communities they live. This will help them form new friendships and create a special bond through the newly learnt language that will last beyond the camp experience.

847-537-4710 • vidya@vyayam.com

Balvihar Hindi School of Atlanta (VHPA) (student)

Atlanta STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Summer Camp 2011

Hindi • July 8, 2011July 17, 2011
  • Berkmar High School, Lilburn, GA

Atlanta STARTALK Hindi Language and Culture Summer Camp at Barkmer High Scool is a summer program for 100 Middle and high school students. Classes will begin on July 8th, 2011and end on July 17th with a graduation ceremony. Culture is an integral component of the STARTALK program and language learning is based on cultural content. Students will be able to participate in a variety of cultural activities. The program will follow a thematic curriculum based on 5 C’s. The over-arching theme will be “Crossing Culture" with four sub-themes of food, fashions, sports and dance & music, with each unit for two days. Ours is an action oriented program through comprehensive but comprehensible input through arts & crafts, sports, reading and listening with TPR activities and story-telling. The real-life interaction communication will be taken to a higher level. The daily schedule will start at 9 am with Yoga and end at 6 with Bollywood dance. Hindi will be in the air everywhere in the environment. It will be a total immersion program where the target language and culture will prevail. There will be an acquisition rich environment with colorful Hindi realia all around.

770-962-2669 •

Bangor Chinese School (teacher)

STARTALK: The Future Teaches Chinese

Chinese • June 16, 2011July 6, 2011Residential Program
  • Husson University, Bangor, ME

The Bangor Chinese Teacher Program will continue a summer tradition of service to Chinese teachers in Maine. It will offer a three-week standards-based instructional program for the State's Chinese instructors at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. It will also meet the needs of aspiring teachers and will offer three university credits for completed work through Husson University. In this connection, the Bangor Chinese School works in close cooperation with the School of Education at Husson and the Maine State Department of Education. The program will continue to feature quality language instruction through daily mini-lessons and teaching experiences with real students. The teacher program will also emphasize differentiated teaching, i.e., how to teach a class of different backgrounds, levels of attainment, ages, and learning styles. Included in the program is a university-level credit course (or optional CEU credits) titled "Educating Exceptional Students." Participants will learn immersion techniques in teaching, the use of Linguafolio in the classroom, how to stay in the target language, and the uses of advanced educational technology. The program will be based at Husson University in Bangor, Maine.

207-990-0710 • jingzhang@bazngorchinese.com

Bangor Chinese School (student)

STARTALK: The Future Speaks Chinese

Chinese • June 27, 2011July 22, 2011Residential Program
  • Husson University, Bangor, ME

The 2011 Bangor Student Program will continue to provide new and tested teaching strategies and student learning opportunities. All student classes will provide language "immersion" and will include cultural/thematic learning. There will be a strong reliance on advanced educational technology in the classroom. Assessment will be ACTFL standards-based with an emphasis on meeting the needs of students with a diversity of learning styles. One hundred and fifty six (156) hours of instruction will be provided in language, cultural events, and special projects. The program will be divided into four (4) classes which will include three levels of instruction; beginner, intermediate and advanced. It is the hope of the Bangor Chinese School to expand learning outside of the classroom, which will include opportunities for students to communicate with their Chinese counterparts and friends through the internet. All students will be introduced to and use LinguaFolio as a tool of self assessment. The program will include a residential component for students wishing to be in summer residence. Many students have opted to be commuting students. Most educational and learning experiences will be held at Husson University which has hosted our program in past years.

207-990-0710 • jingzhang@bangorchinese.com

Boston Public Schools (student)

STARTALK Arabic Summer Academy

Arabic • June 25, 2011July 30, 2011
  • Boston, MA

The Arabic Summer Academy is a five week intensive (Monday through Saturday) Arabic course for 60 high school students from Boston Public Schools and other schools in the Boston area, funded under a grant from the National Security Language Initiative's STARTALK Project.

617-398-7333 • director@arabicsummeracademy.org

Boston University (teacher)

The Academy for Arabic Teachers: STARTALK Arabic Teacher Professional Development Program

Arabic • May 15, 2011June 30, 2011
  • Boston University, Boston, MA

The Academy for Arabic Teachers (AAT) is an intensive, non-resident Arabic teacher professional development program uniquely situated at Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts) to offer high quality Arabic teacher training. The program’s main goal is to graduate highly competent Arabic teachers who can offer effective standards-based instruction at all levels. AAT aims to recruit and train 30 participants in two tracks: Track 1 for new participants and Track 2 for returnees, who have native, near-native, or advance proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. AAT is a comprehensive program offering a balance between foreign language learning theory and practice. A foundation phase will be followed by a practical training phase. An off-site component (on-line course) will be followed by a two-week face-to-face component on-site for a total of 120 contact hours (for the novice participants). Upon successful completion of the program, the graduates will receive Professional Development Points by Boston University. The program’s curriculum is based on the National Standards for Arabic K-16 established by ACTFL and addresses all key aspects of foreign language instruction, focusing particularly on Arabic as a Foreign Language instruction. AAT includes a cohort of renowned Arabic experts and teacher trainers.

617-353-3582 • amani@bu.edu

Boston University (teacher)

STARTALK Turkish Teacher Training Workshop

Turkish • May 15, 2011June 26, 2011
  • Boston University, Boston, MA

The Turkish Teacher Training Program is an intensive non-resident online, onsite Turkish teacher professional development program situated at Boston University, which aims to offer high quality Turkish teacher training. This program's main goal is to offer training and professional development to the experienced and novice teachers of Turkish in effective standards based instruction. A four week offsite component (online course) will be followed by a four day, 27 contact hour, face to face component June 23-26. The program's curriculum is based on National Standards established by ACTFL and AATT. The participants should be fluent in Turkish, have a Bachelor of Arts in hand and be involved in foreign language education. The selected participants will receive a generous stipend upon completing the program. Please contact Roberta Micallef for the application materials.

617-358-5855 •

Bridge Academy (student)

STARTALK: Bridge Arabic Summer Institute

Arabic • July 11, 2011July 29, 2011
  • STARTALK: Bridge Arabic Summer Institute, Hamtramck, MI

This second Bridge Arabic Summer Institute provides a venue for students in grades 6-12 to begin and/or expand Arabic language and cultural proficiency. Potential students represent a range of Novice proficiency levels. To accommodate these students, we offer 4 sections of a total of 60 students. Students will experience Arabic Language and culture through practicing and living the Language skills, culture and integration with technology. Meanwhile, students will take one hour of lunch and Gym. These sessions will be Monday through Thursday. The students will take a field trip to Experience the Arabic language and culture in Dearborn, where there are: Arabic signs, Stores, markets, restaurants, gas stations, museums and the Arabic community daily life. Experience demonstrates that every year there is increased demand for Arabic instruction from parents and students. This summer institute will accommodate around 60 Students who will be classified according to their proficiency level of Arabic language and culture through a special placement test that is already in place at Bridge which was prepared by experts in the field of foreign language acquisition according to ACTFL proficiency guidelines

313-887-8100 Ext. 113 • abduljabern@gee-edu.com

Brigham Young University (teacher)

2011 BYU Arabic Teacher Apprenticeship Program

Arabic • June 17, 2011July 14, 2011Residential Program
  • Provo, UT

The National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) at Brigham Young University (BYU) welcomes this opportunity to extend its teacher training activities to five more K-16 teachers of Arabic and teachers in training. Participants take advantage of two modules, an on-line tutorial focussing on theory and background on teaching Arabic as a foreign language and an on-campus residential practicum, where trainees work closely with master teachers, observing and teaching live classes. Those completing both modules may receive three credit hours of undergraduate for ARAB 377 (“Arabic Teaching Methodology.”). A graduate course number and revised expectations can be arranged for those needing it. The strength of this program lies in the balance of pedagogical theory, observation and practice teaching, close mentoring, and reflection. Apprentices interact closely with the students and master teachers from breakfast to dark, allowing them to see that language learning is far more than just a classroom matter. The website below will give you an idea of the student program that apprentices observe, assist as mentors, and in which they do some teaching. If you want to know more about the program please write or call.

801-422-6531 • belnap@byu.edu

Brigham Young University (student)

BYU 2011 STARTALK Arabic Camp

Arabic • June 20, 2011August 10, 2011Residential Program
  • Provo, UT

Session 1, June 20 - July 13; Session 2, July 18 - August 10. We also offer a day-camp option. See website for details. Learning through doing, students acquire facility in using Arabic in a sociolinguistically authentic manner to accomplish real-world tasks. They live in an "Arabic house" (student apartments) where they will be immersed in Arab culture through music, films, games, cooking lessons.... Skilled teachers are experienced in adjusting instruction to individual needs. Tutors are available day and night to provide models and to help students of varying abilities and challenges succeed. If a student is serious about learning, we pull out all the stops to help her/him succeed. Students demonstrate their progress in daily role plays and day-to-day living, which helps to build confidence. In addition to culminating performances in a graduation ceremony at the end of the program, they also complete standardized tests that document their progress. The entire experience is designed to whet students' appetite to press on to advanced levels of proficiency. They will have the opportunity to build on this camp experience by enrolling in our innovative and award-winning distance-learning program, Arabic Without Walls. We offer the option of high school or university credit.

801-422-6759 • arabicstartalk@byu.edu

Brigham Young University (teacher)

BYU Chinese Teacher Training Program

Chinese • June 20, 2011July 15, 2011
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

The BYU Startalk Teacher Training Program consists of two courses: The first is a three credit course designed to train current and potential teachers at any level interested in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The program teaches a performance-based approach to teaching and learning Chinese and consists of a two week guided on-line tutorial followed by a two-week on-campus intensive practicum. During the on-line tutorial, participants are guided through a series of readings with discussion questions, reaction essays, and on-line forums to share impressions and experiences with the teachers and other participants. The on-campus practicum combines in-class discussion and presentations, observing live Chinese classes, both at the high school and collegiete levels, and a mentored teaching experience. The course offers a balance between readings and class discussions on the theory and practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, with the opportunity to observe live classes and teach using the principles learned. The second course is a one credit in-service course for those who have already completed the methodology course described above. This course will gather experienced teachers and allow them to work together sharing best practices and teaching materials. They will also collaborate on creating new lesson plans.

801-422-5303 •

Brigham Young University (student)

BYU STARTALK Student Program

Chinese • June 27, 2011July 20, 2011Residential Program
  • Provo, UT

Brigham Young University’s STARTALK Chinese 2011 will offer an intensive three-and-a-half-week Chinese language learning experience for mature, highly motivated high school students. This is a residential camp where participants are able to live in an “immersion” environment where they are learning and using Chinese all day long in their classrooms and activities. The program is open to 14–18 year old students who are in the 9th grade or higher. Through classroom instruction and a variety of activities students build proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin Chinese. Instruction will be offered in 4 levels of Chinese: •Level 1 – Little to no previous experience in studying Chinese •Level 2 – Already completed one year of high school Chinese or equivalent •Level 3 – Already completed two years of high school Chinese or equivalent •Level 4 – Already completed three years of high school Chinese or equivalent Application Deadline: April 8, 2011. Students may complete the entire application process online at:

801-422-9189 • barton7@comcast.net
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