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Aldeenfoundation (student)

Startalk :All aboard to Arab world

Arabic • July 5, 2010 July 16, 2010
  • New Horizon Middle School Campus, Pasadena, CA

The program designed to introduce and enhance oral and writing communicative skills, develop vocabulary , reading comprehension and writing through task-based language teaching. In addition, the program will offer age-appropriate standards-based and cultural activities daily. In this two-week program, participants will take an imaginary friend from the United States on a trip to Middle Eastern countries. They will learn the basic skills to greet and introduce themselves and others; exchange information about themselves, families, homes, schools, and hobbies; ask for, follow, and give basic directions; function in a number of Arabic language contexts such as in restaurants and stores; and talk about the variety of countries in Middle East and select their favorite city to live in. Students will also acquire knowledge about the geography, variety of different Middle Eastern customs, and attractions of selected places and historical sites in Middle East and compare them with historical sites in the U.S. They will compare their life style in U.S. and Middle East, and point out the similarities of the new generation of the two cultures. At the end participants will understand that learning a language leads to a greater understanding of others and gain an insight to that world.

626-577-2199 • aldeenstartalk09@aldeenfoundation.org

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (teacher)

ACTFL/CLASS Discover Chinese Teacher Professional Development Program

Chinese • July 6, 2010 July 30, 2010Residential Program
  • Glastonbury Public Schools, Glastonbury, CT

There are two two-week sessions available for current or future teachers of Chinese. Experienced teachers of Chinese are encouraged to apply for the first session: July 6-16 and new teachers for the second session: July 19-30. Teachers who reside outside the Glastonbury, CT area will be provided with housing. All participants will receive at $400 travel stipend. Graduate credits are available and generally count as a foreign language methods course. Participants develop demonstration lessons in the target language and are engaged in learning how to deliver a standards-based instructional program. During the weekend, participants are engaged in an ACTFL professional deveopment workshop, either the Modified Oral Proficiency Interview (MOPI) or the Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA).

703-894-2900 Ext. 110 • mabbott@actfl.org

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (student)

ACTFL/CLASS Discover Chinese Student Program

Chinese • July 6, 2010 July 30, 2010
  • Glastonbury High School, Glastonbury, CT
  • Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT

There are two programs available for students who are highly motivated to learn Chinese language and culture. In Glastonbury Public Schools, the program is from grades 7-12 (including rising 7th graders and graduated seniors) and at Choate Rosemary Hall, grades 9-12 (including rising 9th graders and graduated seniors). The course dates are July 6-30 and students are expected to attend the entire session. This is a non-residential program available to students who reside in the Wallingford or Glastonbury areas. There is no housing provided for either program. For students who are already learning Chinese, there is an assessment prior to the program to determine the level of placement. Upon acceptance into the program a $200 tuition fee is required. This program does not meet the needs of students who can already speak and/or write Mandarin.

703-894-2900 Ext. 1 • mabbott@actfl.org

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (teacher)

Glastonbury Professional Development for Teachers of Russian

Russian • July 19, 2010 July 30, 2010Residential Program
  • ACTFL, Alexandria, VA
  • Glastonbury Public Schools, Glastonbury, CT

This program provides a two-week session for 20 teachers of Russian to learn to deliver a standards-based instructional program in Russian at the K-16 level. The teachers must develop a demonstration lesson in the target language, set up a communication system using Ning and keep an electronic portfolio of their learning. Three graduate credits in language teaching methodology are available. Housing is provided for those teachers who reside outside the Glastonbury, CT area and a $400 travel stipend is available to all those who successfully complete the program.

703-894-2900 Ext. 110 • mabbott@actfl.org

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) (student)

Launch into Arabic at the U.S. Naval Academy

Arabic • June 28, 2010 July 23, 2010
  • U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

This is a four-week program in Arabic language offered at the U.S. Naval Academy for midshipmen and a limited number of local high school students. The high school students must be highly motivated to learn Arabic language and about Middle Eastern cultures and must be able to provide their own transportation daily to the Naval Academy. The dates are June 28 to July 23 and students are expected to attend for the entire session. Priority will be given to students currently in the Naval JROTC program and the Homeland Security program in Ann Arundel Public Schools.

703-894-2900 Ext. 110 • mabbott@actfl.org

Anne Arundel County Public Schools (student)

STARTALK Strategic Language Institute 2010

Arabic, Chinese • July 12, 2010 July 22, 2010
  • STARTALK Strategic Language Institute 2010, Ft. Meade, MD

STARTALK Strategic Language Institute in Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) is targeted to rising 4th-6th grade students who are interested in an opportunity to experience either the Arabic or Chinese languages, cultures and civilizations. The program is open to *all* students who express an interest. The typical student in the program will not have had exposure to Arabic or Chinese in the past. This is a regional program and is open to students from Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City and County, Calvert County, Harford County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County. Recruitment of students is done in number of ways: (1) program brochure sent to all schools and parents via PTA; (2) media releases through the school system Public Information Office; (3) discussion with school principals and teachers about the benefits of the program; (4) distribution through school newsletters and announcements; (5) presentations to targeted community organizations; and (6) one-on-one recruitment by school and Central Office staff; (7) e-mail and telephone calls. Particular focus is on student diversity, including those who are traditionally under-served, that is, minority and economically-disadvantaged students.

410-222-5426 • jwieczorek@aacps.org

Arizona State University (student)

From STARTALK to Flagship: ASU Chinese Language Camp

Chinese • June 13, 2010 June 27, 2010Residential Program
  • Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

From STARTALK to Flagship: ASU Chinese Language Camp offers a 15-day intensive residential program for motivated incoming 10-12th grade students from Arizona. This program provides a great opportunity for both heritage and non-heritage learners to explore and expand their knowledge in Chinese language and culture through a highly structured theme- and task-based curriculum. During the program, students will receive instructions in both Chinese language and culture. They will also participate in hands-on activities to learn traditional Chinese arts, crafts, calligraphy, dancing, Martial Arts, etc. In the evening, bilingual resident advisors will be on site providing tutoring, assisting assignments/projects, and conducting fun activities. After the program, students will commit to taking Chinese language classes. Scholarships are available for those who will take Chinese classes at Arizona State University.

480-965-0703 • startalk2010@asu.edu

Arlington Virginia Public Schools (student)

STARTALK: Arabic and Chinese Student Program at Exploratory and Enrichment Levels

Arabic, Chinese • July 12, 2010 July 30, 2010
  • Northern Virginia Community College, Arlington, VA

The STARTALK Arabic and Chinese summer programs are intended for rising 7th-12th grade students who have not previously studied either target language or who have limited proficiency but are interested in further developing their basic skills. The goal of the program is to motivate students to begin or continue the study of these languages. Students will learn practical vocabulary and will be introduced to basic language structures with a focus on communicating about everyday needs and experiences. In addition, students will learn about the practices, perspectives, and products of the culture. Field trips, hands-on activities, music and songs, and technology-based activities will allow for creative and culturally relevant experiences. This is a high-expectations program for students seriously interested in developing language skills and knowledge about the target cultures. Classes meet from 9:00a.m. to 1:00p.m., Monday through Friday, at the Arlington campus of Northern Virginia Community College. Public transportation is provided for this no fee program. The program is available on a space available basis to students from outside Arlington County.

703-228-6096 •

Association of Chinese Resources (teacher)

STARTALK Hatching Teacher Program

Chinese • June 11, 2010 June 20, 2010
  • Days Inn Parsippany, Parsippany, NJ
  • Distance Learning, NY, NY

This teacher program aims at preparing participants for Chinese classrooms in a variety of educational settings, including K–12 schools, weekend Chinese language schools, and summer camps. Participants will learn about the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century and the OPI concepts for teaching and learning and how to use the backward design method for curriculum development. They will also learn various effective teaching strategies in implementing the standards in the classroom. Participants will be able to design and deliver standards-based teaching plans that integrate culture, content, and technology into teaching practices for 80 hour summer Chinese classroom programs. Additionally, they will develop a repertoire of teaching techniques and strategies that are both effective for carrying out differentiated instruction and also aligned with functional goals and performance assessment.

973-659-1350 Ext. 110 • jliu@linkhigh.com

Association of Chinese Schools (student)

STARTALK Hatching Student Program

Chinese • July 5, 2010 July 30, 2010
  • Chatham High School, Chatham, NJ
  • Montgomery High School, Skillman, NJ
  • P.S.105, Brooklyn, NY

The focus of the programs is to provide the students the opportunity to learn basic Chinese language and the culture within a relaxed and welcoming environment. The goal is for students to be able to greet people and handle daily conversation about themselves and their families by the end of the summer. The conversational themes and topics being addressed include age/grade, numbers, dates (years, months, and days), family members, and countries. The cultural topics include calligraphy, festivals, crafts (lantern making, knots, etc.), Chinese games, lion dance and yoyo. The program hopes to inspire the student’s interest to continue learning about the Chinese language and culture. And, the Huntington Library and Gardens program is designated for intermediate level and up students who will be trained to be bilingual docent at the Chinese Garden of the library and be ableto tour the beauful garden at the end of program. The program will be started on July 5 and ended on July 30.

973-659-1350 Ext. 110 • jliu@linkhigh.com

Bangor Chinese School (teacher)

STARTALK: The Future Teaches Chinese

Chinese • June 17, 2010 July 7, 2010Residential Program
  • Husson University, Bangor, ME

The Future Teaches Chinese is a special summer experience sponsored by STARTALK and the Bangor Chinese School for teachers of Chinese, aspiring teachers, and interested others. Developed by language and curriculum experts, our Bangor-based program provides participants a no-cost opportunity to improve skills and learn the most innovative methods of teaching language. With its affiliations, STARTALK offers an excellent environment to grow in language proficiency and teaching know-how while meeting a network of Maine and national educators and speakers of Chinese who are willing to share what they have learned with participants. This is a three-week program. The first two weeks provides foreign language teaching methods, strategies, standards, curricula, technologies, classroom management, and performance-based principles derived from the standards of CLASS, Hanban, and Maine Learning results. Maine teacher certification of Chinese was detailed. In the third wweek participants have the opportunity to teach Chinese in real classroom and apply the knowledge learned . 3 credits or 6 CEUs will be available. The program will be held at Husson University, Monday to Friday, June 17-July 7, 2010, 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. A limited number of need-based residential spaces are available. A prize or stipend ($500) will be awarded to selected participants.

207-990-0710 • jingzhang@bangorchinese.com

Bangor Chinese School (student)

STARTALK: The Future Speaks Chinese

Chinese • June 28, 2010 July 20, 2010Residential Program
  • Husson University, Bangor, ME

The Future Speaks Chinese was an exciting, four-week, standard-based, student-centered, immersion experience for motivated students national wide in grades 4-12 who want to learn the Chinese language. It was a language-intensive and culturally focused program taught by experienced teachers with three levels: beginner, intermediate, and heritage. Structured learning goals were modeled on ideas drawn from the national CLASS summer session (2007). Students experienced “performed culture” and had hands-on experience with cooking, arts, crafts, calligraphy, abacus instruction, Tai Chi, and music instrumentation as part of a complete immersion experience. The program was held at Husson University, Monday to Saturday, June 28-July 20, 2010, 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. A limited number of need-based scholarships were available; with both residential and no-residential opportunities. Prizes were awarded to students based upon their performance in the program.

207-990-0710 • jingzhang@bangorchinese.com

Belanno (student)

Star Talk : We are World Ambassadors

Hindi, Swahili • August 2, 2010 August 13, 2010
  • Boys and Girls Brigade, Neenah, WI

Your Children Are The Next World Ambassadors. Imagine if everyone in the world could truly understand each other well enough to communicate with one another; to appreciate each other’s differences as much as the things all of us have in common. Imagining a world like this is exactly what Belanno is all about. Our mission is to provide high-quality language and cultural programs for children. We wish to help children grow within different cultures, to increase mutual respect with diverse cultures, and to encourage children to become citizens of the world. From August 2-13, 2010, 8:30 am-12:00 pm, we welcome children ages kindergarten through grade 5 to explore the language and culture of Kenya and India. Students may pick one language/culture to focus on for two weeks - Hindi or Swahili. With qualified teachers who are native speakers, your children will experience firsthand the language and culture of a completely different country. Classes will be in downtown Neenah at the Boys and Girls' Brigade. All children are welcome regardless of their level of experience with the language. Students will be put into classes according to age and ability.

920-843-2214 • cmoubarak@new.rr.com

Boston Public Schools (student)

STARTALK Arabic Summer Academy

Arabic • June 26, 2010 July 31, 2010
  • Charlestown High School, Boston, MA

The Arabic Summer Academy is a five week intensive (Monday-Saturday) Arabic course for 60 high school students from Boston Public Schools and other schools in the Boston area. Here are five great reasons why you should apply: 1. Learning Arabic is special! Charlestown High School is the only public school in Massachusetts that offers Arabic. 2. Arabic will help you get into college! College admissions officers are always looking for students who are different and stand out. You'll stand out! 3. You'll get high school credit! It's a great way to get a graduation requirement out of the way. 4. We'll pay you! Every student who graduates from our summer program will earn a $500 college scholarship. That'll buy a lot of books when you get to college! 5. You'll set yourself up for great jobs! Arabic is a "critical need" language, which means that companies and the government will pay over $100,000 for your skills. Start your learning now!

617-395-2600 • director@arabicsummeracademy.org

Boston University (teacher)

The Academy for Arabic Teachers: STARTALK Arabic Teacher Professional Development Program

Arabic • May 1, 2010 June 15, 2010
  • Boston University, Boston, MA

The Academy for Arabic Teachers (AAT) program is an intensive non-resident Arabic teacher professional development program uniquely situated at Boston University (Boston, Massachusetts) to offer high quality Arabic teacher training. The program’s main goal is to graduate highly competent Arabic teachers who can offer effective standards-based instruction at all levels. AAT aims to recruit and train 20 participants novice Arabic teachers who have native, near-native, or advance proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. Participants can be of any age, gender, and educational background, however, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required. AAT is a comprehensive program offering a balance between foreign language learning theory and practice. A five-week foundation phase will be followed by a one-week practical training phase.A four-week off-site component (on-line course) will be followed by a two-week face-to-face component on-site for a total of 120 contact hours. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduates will be offered Professional Development Points by Boston University.

617-358-5852 • giselle@bu.edu

Boston University (teacher)

STARTALK Turkish Teacher Training Program

Turkish • May 15, 2010 August 15, 2010
  • Boston University, Boston, MA

The Turkish Teacher Training Program is an intensive non-resident online, onsite Turkish teacher professional development program situated at Boston University, which aims to offer high quality Turkish teacher training. This program's main goal is to offer training and professional development to the experienced and novice teachers of Turkish K-16 in effective standards based instruction. A two week offsite component (online course) will be followed by a three day, 27 contact hour, face to face component on August 13-15. The program's curriculum is based on National Standards established by ACTFL and AATT. The participants should be fluent in Turkish, have a Bachelor of Arts in hand and be involved in foreign language education. The selected participants will receive a generous stipend upon completing the program. Please contact Anna Bazdres, the program contact person for the application materials.

617-358-5855 •

Bridge Academy (student)

STARTALK: Bridge Arabic Summer Institute

Arabic • July 19, 2010 August 12, 2010
  • Bridge Academy, Hamtramck, MI

The summer institute will offer classes for novice and intermediate learners to introduce them to the Arabic language and culture and to enable them to communicate at their level of proficiency with native speakers of Arabic. Students can enhance their knowledge of language and culture, to function in an authentic Arabic-speaking context either overseas or in the United States.The institute will classify students based on their proficiency levels determined by a placement test. Students will rotate between 5 sessions: Listening / Speaking, Reading / Writing, Culture, Technology and GYM / Lunch. The students will be able to observe, experience and live the language and the cultural aspects in the largest Arab community in the United States through an educational field trip to Dearborn. The program will be for a total of 16 days or 80 instructional hours. This research-based program incorporates both best practices and the five goal areas of the ACTFL national standards: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Community. Through differentiated and student-centered instruction, students will experience Arabic language and culture through practicing all the language skills:listening and speaking, reading and writing, integrating language learning with technology and culture.

313-887-8100 Ext. 113 • abduljabern@gee-edu.com

Brigham Young University (student)


Arabic • June 21, 2010 August 11, 2010Residential Program
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

Learning through doing, students acquire facility in using Arabic in a sociolinguistically authentic manner to accomplish real-world tasks. They will live in an "Arabic house" (student apartments) where they will be immersed in Arab culture through music, films, games, cooking lessons.... Skilled teachers are experienced in adjusting instruction to individual needs. Tutors are available day and night to provide models and to help students of varying abilities and challenges succeed. If a student is serious about learning, we pull out all the stops to help her/him succeed. Students demonstrate their progress in daily role plays and day-to-day living, which helps to build confidence. In addition to culminating performances in a graduation ceremony at the end of the program, they also complete standardized tests that document their progress. The entire experience is designed to whet students' appetite to press on to advanced levels of proficiency. They will have the opportunity to build on this camp experience by enrolling in our innovative and award-winning distance-learning program, Arabic Without Walls. We offer the option of high school or university credit.

801-717-8408 • lamanilaila@hotmail.com

Brigham Young University (teacher)

BYU Chinese Teacher Training Program

Chinese • June 21, 2010 July 16, 2010
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

The BYU Teacher Training Program will offer two tracks this year: a methods course and a curriculum development workshop. The methods course is designed to train current and future teachers of Chinese at any level. The program focuses on a performance-based approach to teaching Chinese and will discuss general foreign language pedagogy issues and a focused look at issues related to teaching Chinese as a foreign language as well as practice in curriculum design, effective quiz writing, classroom activity development, as well as evaluating and adapting existing teaching materials. Teachers will have the opportunity to observe live classrooms and practice new teaching methods. The curriculum development workshop is designed to help Chinese language teachers create student-centered, proficiency-based, well sequenced and scaffolded lesson plans and materials for each of eight units of the USOE Chinese I and II curriculum. This will be a collaborative effort and all participants will come away with a set of all materials developed. A videographer and illustrator will be on site to help with materials preparation. This course is most appropriate for those already teaching or planning to teach Chinese in junior high or high school and have already had a methods course.

801-422-5303 • matthew_christensen@byu.edu

Brigham Young University (teacher)

Arabic Teacher Apprenticeship Progam

Arabic • June 21, 2010 July 14, 2010
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

The National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) at Brigham Young University (BYU) welcomes this opportunity to extend its teacher training activities to five more K-16 teachers of Arabic and teachers in training. Participants take advantage of two modules, an on-line tutorial focussing on theory and background on teaching Arabic as a foreign language and an on-campus residential practicum, where trainees work closely with master teachers observing and teaching live classes. Those completing both modules receive three credit hours of Arabic 377 (“Arabic Teaching Methodology.”). A graduate course number and revised expectations can be arranged for those needing it. The strength of this program lies in the balance of pedagogical theory, observation and practice teaching, close mentoring, and reflection. Apprentices interact closely with the students and master teachers from breakfast to dark, allowing them to see that language learning is far more than just a classroom matter. The website below will give you an idea of the student program that apprentices observe, assist as mentors, and in which they do some teaching. If you want to know more about the program please write or call.

801-422-6531 • belnap@byu.edu

Bryant University (teacher)

Bryant STARTALK Chinese Language and Culture Teacher Program

Chinese • July 6, 2010 July 24, 2010Residential Program
  • STARTALK Chinese Language and Culture Student Program, Smithfield, RI
  • Bryant STARTALK Teacher Program on Chinese Language and Culture, Smithfield, RI

This three-week summer program provides vigorous professional development on Chinese language and culture for current and prospective K-12 teachers of both Chinese language and other subject areas. THE PROGRAM OFFERS: 1) Certificate of 100 professional development credit hours, 2) Lectures and seminars by renowned scholars, 3) Workshops by experienced teachers to share lesson plans and activities, 4) Various cultural activities, including calligraphy, painting, traditional music, folk dance, martial arts, and Taiji, 5) Field trip to the Peabody Essex Museum (Ying Yu Tang and China exhibits), Boston Chinatown, and Newport Mansions in Rhode Island, 6) Practice classes with middle and high school students, 7) Eligibility to participate in a two-week optional subsidized study trip to China (July 27-August 10) at additional cost, 8) Limited campus dorms available for free for participants who live 30 miles away from Bryant (on first come first served basis), 9) Breakfast and lunch provided. APPLICATION: The application deadline has been extended to May 17. Seats are limited. Please apply early. Previous experience of related teaching is NOT required. Online and paper applicaitons are available at the program web page. Visit for details.

401-232-6566 • kliu1@bryant.edu

Bryant University (student)

2010 Bryant STARTALK Chinese Language and Culture Student Program

Chinese • July 12, 2010 July 24, 2010
  • STARTALK Chinese Language and Culture Student Program, Smithfield, RI

The STARTALK Student Chinese Program at Bryant University provides a two-week Chinese learning opportuinty for middle school and high school students through intensive language instructions, rich cultural workshops and field trips from July 12th through July 24th. Small classes in multi proficiency levels will be taught by experienced K-12 teachers. Interaction with visiting Chinese students will provide participants with practical learning experience. Following the STARTALK at Bryant, an optional subsidized two-week China trip (high school participants only) to the World Expo in Shanghai and historical landmarks in Beijing will provide first-hand knowledge of the country and its people. The cost of the STARTALK Program at Bryant University is $150, including $50 material fee and $100 deposit. More information on the program and application is avaiable at

401-232-6883 • kxie@bryant.edu

BYU Chinese Flagship Center (student)

BYU Chinese STARTALK Student Program

Chinese • June 28, 2010 July 21, 2010Residential Program
  • Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

BYU Chinese StarTalk 2010 will offer an intensive three–and–a–half–week Chinese language learning experience for mature, highly motivated high school students. Through formal classroom instruction, fun hands–on activities, and creative cultural experiences, students build proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin Chinese. BYU Chinese StarTalk’s exciting student–centered curriculum emphasizes active learning. Extracurricular events include martial arts instruction, music, Chinese cooking, crafts, calligraphy, Chinese movies, dragon dancing, and weekly field trips. Parents are invited to attend the culminating Celebration Banquet which celebrates and showcases the students’ achievements. Every year participants give the BYU Chinese StarTalk program high marks for learning, fun, and friendship. All StarTalk classes are taught by experienced faculty. Tutorial and review sessions are offered daily. Students live in housing provided through BYU Conferences and Workshops. Mandarin and English speaking resident facilitators supervise evening and weekend activities. Meals are provided by BYU Food Services. Students agree to abide by the BYU Honor Code while participating in the BYU Chinese StarTalk camp. Tuituion: $1,000 (includes housing, tuition, meals, books and classroom materials, field trips, and all other program costs) ∗ Non-residential option: $700 Textbook fee: $50 Note: After being accepted into the program, students may apply for need–based scholarships.

801-422-2973 • chinese_startalk@byu.edu

CAIS Institute (student)

CAIS Institute Startalk Elementary Mandarin Immersion Program

Chinese • June 21, 2010 August 13, 2010
  • Chinese American International School, San Francisco, CA

CAIS Institute, an affiliate of Chinese American International School (CAIS) provides a unique K-4th grade summer program developed in direct response to San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) administrators, their families and the Multi-lingual department of SFUSD. The majority of SFUSD Mandarin immersion students originate from families that do not speak Chinese. Our objective is to provide enhancement, continuity for retention over the summer, and a fun environment to reinforce and expand their language skills and culture. Priority registration is given to SFUSD students enrolled in Mandarin Immersion who are on Free or Reduced lunch. The SFUSD programs are new and serve a diverse ethnic and socio-economic demographic. These students do not have access to a comprehensive, culturally rich summer program that reinforces their Mandarin language capabilities. Each day students experience Chinese language and culture through a variety of cultural activities in addition to classes focused on reading, writing, listening and speaking. Language acquisition comes naturally to students as a result of their participation in these fun, immersion-based activities. STARTALK funding enables us to make this Mandarin immersion summer camp available to SFUSD families that otherwise would not be able to have or afford such an opportunity.

415-861-6863 • yking@CAISinstitute.org

California State University, San Bernardino (student)

Summer Intensive Arabic Program High School Strand with AY Continuation

Arabic • June 22, 2010 February 26, 2011
  • California State University, San Bernardino, CA

CSUSB’s StarTalk program integrates high school students into the highly successful Arabic Summer Language Institute. We seek applications from juniors and seniors from the Inland Empire region who are interested in learning Arabic; students who participated in the Summer 2009 StarTalk program who have not yet graduated from high school are encouraged to apply. In the summer, students will attend classes from 8:00-6:00 Monday-Friday plus Saturdays from 9-1. Five days a week are dedicated to direct language study (mornings) plus cultural activities (afternoons) and weekly field trips to Arabic-speaking local community and/or Arabic-related cultural sites. The program builds language proficiency through a well-balanced curriculum using Arabic to explore cultures in a variety of formal and informal contexts. Students receive individualized instruction through interactions with faculty, peer tutors (college native speakers) and a StarTalk teacher training program. Students will continue their language study during the school year with meetings on alternate Saturday mornings from September through February (e.g. an additional 6 months beyond the summer program). Throughout the 8-month program, information regarding university scholarships and careers in the foreign languages will be presented. Students will receive credit for four university-level Arabic courses for the completed 8 month program.

909-537-7135 • arabic@csusb.edu
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