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Institute of Critical Languages and Cultural Exchange (student)

STARTALK/ICLCE High School Residential Arabic Immersion Program

Baton Rouge, LA • Arabic • June 29, 2009 July 24, 2009Residential Session

This is a four-week residential Arabic immersion program for high school students (grades 9-12) will be held at Louisiana State University from June 27 to July 24, 2009. Instruction will be delivered in a context of carefully designed, age-appropriate thematic cultural capsules. The course will be conducted exclusively in Arabic. Upon successful completion of all program requirements (curriculum and assessment),students will earn 1 Carnegie unit of foreign language credit. Instructional strategies are based on national and state benchmarks and standards. The course will be taught exclusively in Arabic and will allow participants to attain novice to intermediate competency levels. Most importantly, participants will engage in thematic cultural units, enabling them to gain valuable insight regarding the Arab-Islamic culture and its richly diverse dimensions. The array of integrated technological components will allow students to acquire and enhance computer skills related to videotaping, blogging, and creating Web sites.

225 275-9866 • najouak@cox.net

Institute of Critical Languages and Cultural Exchange, Inc. (teacher)

Critical language Thematic Units Design and Delivery in Context: What's the 6Cs Got To Do With It?

Arabic, Hindi • May 16, 2011June 6, 2011
  • Days Inn Baton Rouge/Siege, Baton Rouge, LA

The STARTLAK /ICLCE 2011 Arabic and Hindi teacher training program is ‎"coherent, ‎up-to-date," and "research-based."‎practical application of thematic units design reflected ‎in mirror image assessment tools. Participants will explore a multitude of thematic units ‎and specific examples how ACTFL’s 5Cs’ benchmarks can guide, facilitate, and simplify ‎the use of authentic materials conducive to lifelong INTERNALIZATION of target ‎language and culture. Learners’ high language and culture proficiencies, communicative ‎tasks and real life performance goals are attainable when rooted in thematic modules ‎embedded in authentic materials. The ONLINE segment (May 16- 30) examines the ‎Body of Knowledge underlying the proficiency based approach (a major part of the ‎national PRAXIS certification requirement) and sets the stage for the ONSITE ‎application of thematic design and delivery (May 31-June 6). The step by step illustrated ‎thematic unit design reflecting assessment tools, peer evaluated mini lesson delivery, and ‎reflective practice will demonstrate how the 6th C provides the only path to internalization ‎of language and culture leading to lifelong proficiencies and communicative ‎competencies. Avatars, Second Life, computer aided and traditional instructional ‎materials enhance the use of authentic materials. Participants earn CLUs and $1,000.00 ‎after completion of ALL requirements. Contact Dr. Najoua Hotard at

225-229-0905 Ext. 1 • iclcehotard@gmail.com
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