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University of Pennsylvania (teacher)


Persian • July 12, 2010 July 23, 2010Residential Program
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

In the course of the Persian language “Professional Development” workshop at Penn, new and experienced teachers of Persian will receive over 60 hours of training in teaching Persian as a second language. The main goal of this workshop is to acquaint teachers of Persian with standards-based foreign language learning methodology, as outlined in the “National Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century.” Another main aspect of this workshop, constitutes of sessions with multi-media technology, which demonstrates how technology can be most effectively integrated into Persian language teaching. The hands-on activity sessions enable participants to incorporate technology into their standanards-based instructional material design, in order to maximize student learning. By the end of the two weeks residential program, our participants gain a better grasp of the national standards for foreign language learning, and an improved knowledge of current pedagogical and methodological approaches in teaching a foreign language, and effective methods to teach Persian language, using authentic print and multi-media material.

215-746-2882 • pardis@sas.upenn.edu
Showing results 1 through 1 of 1.