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Associates in Cultural Exchange (A.C.E.) (student)

STARTALK, FINISHfirst: Bridging Language, Growth, and Achievement

Seattle, WA • Arabic, Persian, Urdu • July 13, 2009 July 24, 2009

Associates in Cultural Exchange, through a grant from STARTALK, is offering two-week Arabic, Persian, and Urdu summer language camps at Northgate Elementary School in Seattle for students ages 10-14. Classes start on July 13 and end July 24 and meet from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. All three camps are being offered free of charge with fresh lunches included. All teachers are native speakers trained in the Natural Approach and Total Physical Response methods. Students are immersed in their new language and culture through storytelling, reading, writing, arts, crafts, plays, field trips, and multicultural events.

206-217-9644 Ext. 201 • makaj@cultural.org
Showing results 1 through 1 of 1.