2017 Fall Conference Presentations and Handouts 

(alphabetical by presenter's last name)

Presenter(s) Session Title Presentation Handout

Estefania Amato, Fatima Masoud

App-Date Your Class: Integrating Technology in the Language Classroom



Richard D. Brecht, Robert Slater STARTALK & DLI Partnership Initiative: Unprecidented Infrastructure for
Language Education in the US
Jennifer Carson, Steven Chuang, Mary Curran, Dr. Li-Jen Kuo Panel Discussion on Unit & Lesson Design: Creating Units for Global Competence Presentation  
Der-lin Chao, Bo Hao, Ming-Ying Li, Bing-Ying Hu Building Effective Program Infrastructure Presentation  

Der-lin Chao, Bo Hao, Ming-Ying Li, Bing-Ying Hu

How to Add an Online Component to Extend Your 2018 Summer Program Presentation  
Der-lin Chao, Jacqueline Rodriguez, Megan Payne, Julie Sykes Panel Discussion on Infusing Technology into Learning Plans Presentation  

Maria Charreira, Claire Hitchins Chik, Kathryn Paul

Understanding the Flipped Format



Mi-Hyun Chung, Tatiana Filosofova, Kaishan Kong, Catherine O'Neil, Clementine Fujimura Panel Discussion on Culture and Culturally Authnetic Resources 2 Presentation  

Matt Coss

Language and Content Through Culture: Making the Match


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Mary Curran, Lucy Lee, Hanying Yang

Teaching Global Competence



Mary Curran, Lucy Lee, Hanying Yang

Using Technology to Build Vocabulary in Meaningful Ways



Dr. Annalisa Czeczulin, Janis Jensen, Yalan King, Cynthia Ning Panel Discussion on Differentiation Presentation  

Dr. Janice Dowd, Rita A. Oleksak, James Wildman

Discover Chinese and Russian: Working with Authentic Materials



Zakia Elhadi, Mary Thrond, Chenqing Song, Gay Rawson Assessment Panel Discussion Presentation  

Tatiana Filosofova

Cultural Context in the Classroom at the Novice Level



Janis Jensen, Nita Yajnik, Nusrat Sohail

Running Record of Hindi and Urdu Learner Growth Tool



Anna Katikhina

Promoting Student Autonomy For Listening & Speaking



Kaishan Kong

Beyond Food, Family, and Festivals: Teaching Culture in a Transformative Way



Alla Kourova, Irina Pidberejna, Rita Oleksak, Jing Z. Paul, Nicole Ugel Culture Discussion Panel 1 Presentation  
Mi-Hyun Chung, Tatiana Filosofova, Kaishan Kong, Catherine O'Neil, Clementine Fujimura Culture Discussion Panel 2 Presentation  

Alla Kourova, Irina Pidberejna

Culture and Culturally Authentic Resources



Dr. Li-Jen Kuo, Sungyoon Lee, Haemin Kim, Mengyin Liu Integrating STEM with K-5 Language Instruction Presentation  

Stella Kwoh, Henny Chen, Hsin-Yun Liu, Minghui Anderson, Sophie Chuang, Liyun Lu, Yara Chen, Faye-Lynn Wu

A National Demonstration Model for All STARTALK Languages



Dr. Maissa Khatib, Jecoa Ross

Keep Talking! Strategies for a More Synergetic Program Infrastructure



Cyndy Ning, Chunman Gissing, Joanne Shang

STARTALK Principles Alive & Thriving



Ashok Ojha, Nilakshi Phukan, Mamta Tripathi, Meenakshi Singh,
Sandhya Bhagat, Akila Sekhar
Desinging Learning Episodes Based on Cultural Stories Presentation  
Megan Payne and Jacqueline Rodriguez Excite Young STARTALKers with Technology & Feedback Presentation  

Claudia Ross, Sara Chao, Brooke Cheng

Teaching Higher Level Reading Comprehension in Chinese



Paul Sandrock Focus Learning with Can-Do Statements Presentation  
Thomas Sauer, Liz Shovers Leveraging Reflection for Participant Growth and Program Assessment Presentation  

Lynn Thompson, Anne Donovan, Vicky Nier, Tatyana Vdovina

Student-centered Teacher Program Design



Mary Thrond, Gay Rawson Using Linguafolio to Model Performance-Based Assessment in the Teacher Program Presentation  
Dr. Miao-fen Tseng, Alice Lin, Na Li A Blended Teacher Training Model for Online Teaching Presentation  

Eduardo Viana da Silva, Heloisa Machado, Anderson Sandes, Michele Aoki

From Novice to Advance: Differentiated Tasks for a Multilevel Language Class