STARTALK 2015 Proposals

Welcome to the STARTALK Online Proposals Application Website. The National Foreign Language Center solicits proposals from schools, post-secondary institutions, school districts, state and regional educational agencies, language associations, and community-based organizations to participate in the STARTALK project. STARTALK's mission is to promote the learning and teaching of critical languages in the United States through summer programs that follow best practices in language instruction.

The 2015 STARTALK online proposal submission system is now closed. The STARTALK online proposal submission system will reopen for the 2016 proposal process in the fall of 2015. Please check our website at that time to view information about proposals and the deadline for submitting a proposal. If you would like to be notified of the next request for proposals, send an email to to join the mailing list.

Webinars for STARTALK 2015 Proposal Applicants

These webinars are to provide STARTALK 2015 program applicants the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification about the proposal process. The webinars will allow applicants to ask questions about the narrative questions, the budget, and the other proposal requirements. Each of the two webinars below will cover the same topics.

Please select from the two webinars listed below and click on the corresponding link to register.

Date Time Link to registration
10/7/14 1:00PM EDT
10/13/14 8:00PM EDT