STARTALK 2011 Fall Conference

October 21-22, 2011 • Grand Hyatt Washington, 1000 H Street NW, Washington, DC

STARTALK 2011 Fall Conference is for STARTALK grantees to come together to reflect and share about this year's programs.

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Plenary Session

Friday Plenary Opening Session Betsy Hart and Catherine Ingold


Meaningful Teacher Talk: Effectively Provide Input for Language Acquisition Janis Jensen and Mary Curran
Topics on the Move: First Steps in Thematic Planning Carol Ann Dahlberg
Assessing Language Performance: Engaging Learners in Interpersonal Communication Paul Sandrock
Lesson Planning = Planning for Success Myriam Met and Peggy Boyles
Moving Learners from On-Task to Engaged Ann Tollefson and Debbie Robinson

Breakout Sessions

An Inclusive Instructional Program: Integrating Technology, Lead/Practicum Instructors and Student Assistants to Maximize Learning Duarte Silva
Creating Fun Performance-Based Assessments by Designing Student-Centered “Real Life” Field Trips and Other Projects Cheryl Berman and Yvonne Lau
Developing and Utilizing Authentic Materials Sushma Malhotra, Shahnaz Ahmadeian, and Pooneh Paydar
Curriculum Design Based on Theme, Culture, and Technology Vidya Nahar and Abdul Saboor
Tools for Planning and Assessing a Foreign Language Curriculum Linda Beck, Beth McKenzie, Stayc DuBravac, and Peng Zeng
Sharing—Interactive Activities: Engage Your Students Meng Yeh, Lili Condron, Fang Ji , and Tairong Zheng
Teaching Arabic to All, What Really Works! Muhamad Eissa and Wafa Hassan
The Power of Stories: Preparing Teachers to Tell Stories Mary Curran, Lucy Lee, and Vicky Chang
Meeting Teacher Professional Development Needs from Multiple Angles Wanli Hu, Kathy Lobo, and Suhong Chang
Linguistic Pedagogic Content Knoweldge With Chinese Language Teachers Magaly Lavandez and Chan Lu
"Tricks of the Trade" from STARTALK Hawaii 2011 Cynthia Ning
Sharing Empowering Critical Need Language Teachers Using Blended Learning Communities Marjorie Hall Haley and Reema Alsweel

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Plenary Session

Educating for Global Competence: What is it? Why does it matter today and what role might second language teachers play? Veronica Boix Mansilla

Breakout Sessions

At Sen Lin Hu, Theories Become Reality Donna Clementi, Sun Burford, and Denise Phillippe
Assessment Training Using a Blended Learning Model Lynn Thompson
A New STARTALK Approach: Chinese “Total Immersion” Student Literacy Camp Tim Cheng
Language 4 All: Support Each Learner Lina Kholaki and Nachinda Tizani
Learning Math through Chinese Immersion Summer Program Mei-Ju Hwang, Ann Ferriter, and Nancy Mangari
After the Goodbyes: Creating a Community of Practice Carl Falsgraf and Brandee Mau
Online Social Communities and Media with Beginning Language Learners Brian Baer, Theresa Minick, and Julie Purcell
Using Technology FOR learning in the target language Jill Hnat, Dawn Samples and Ashok Ojha
Critical Language Teacher Certification and Professional Development Khaled Huthaily, Betty Lau, and Margaret Chow
Startalk Leadership Opportunities Salah Ayari and Christina Frei
Modeling Community Advocacy for Turkish and Arabic Martha Nyikos
Community Outreach, Engagement and Resources through STARTALK Programs Hong Yang and Kongli Liu
LinguaFolio Online: From Concept to Reality Carl Falsgraf and Krystal Sundstrom
Language Vitality and Language Learning Opportunities Joy Kreeft Peyton and Susan Gilson
Reflections on K-5 Program Implementation Julie Sugarman
Languages in the 21st Century: Connecting to STEM Michele Anciaux Aoki
Share, Learn, and Network: Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, and Turkish Programs Gulnur Valiullina and and Jennifer Eddy (names not in written agenda)
Share, Learn, and Network: Hindi, Urdu, Persian and Dari Programs Josh Pien and Alwiya Omar (names not written in agenda)
Viewing Performance Through a New Lens Paul Sandrock
Learner Self-Asssessment in STARTALK Programs Steven Ross, Anne Donovan, Megan Masters, and Meg Malone
STARTALK: Keep Talking Rick Jackson
Using iPads and other Technologies with Language Learners Lori Roe and Chiachyi Chiu