STARTALK 2010 - March 2010 NECTFL Workshop Presentations

STARTALK recently presented at the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Confronting US World Language Teacher Education

Shuhan Wang and Myriam Met explained how the goal of expanding our national capacity in world languages is jeopardized by a projected lack of qualified K-12 teachers. The presentation reviews national survey data on teacher preparation as it relates to the supply of WL teachers, discusses current obstacles to teacher supply, and presents innovative strategies to increase WL teacher supply nationally and locally.

Principals for Curriculum Design

This session introduced participants to an online tool that guides the development of standards-based, thematically-designed curricula. Also introduced were new resources in the STARTALK Materials Collection: 10 videos that provide real-life examples of teachers working to incorporate STARTALK-endorsed effective practices in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Persian, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu classroom settings; and 12 online workshops focused on key instructional techniques to support STARTALK-endorsed best practices for effective teaching.