STARTALK 2008 - Urdu Programs

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Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana
Summer Intensive Program for Hindi and Urdu
June 13-July 11

SIPHUR (Summer Intensive Program for Hindi and Urdu) is an intensive four-week course that would be equivalent to one semester of university-level instruction in Hindi/Urdu. Each class meets for four hours per day five days a week, and students will engage themselves in various cultural activities in and out of class. Our goal is for the students to acquire linguistic and cultural competence. By the end of this program, students will be better equipped to handle a range of real life conversational situations.

Center for Applied Linguistics

Washington, DC
STARTALK Assessment Training Program
June 8-June 10

CAL's STARTALK Assessment Training Workshop focuses on assessing students at beginning proficiency levels (Novice-Low and Mid on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines-Speaking). Designed for STARTALK instructors of students, teacher trainers, and project directors, the three-part workshop includes an online introduction to assessment principles (May), a face-to-face workshop (Washington, DC, June 8-10) and an online follow-up workshop (June-August). Participants will improve their understanding of language assessment, washback to and alignment with instruction, ongoing program improvement, and evaluation.

New York University

New York, New York
Summer Intensive Teacher Training Program 2008: Hindi and Urdu
July 7-July 16

This teacher-training workshop is an intensive 10-day residential program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of current and prospective school, community and college teachers of Hindi and Urdu. It creates a learning-by-doing environment. At the end of the program each participant is required to present a portfolio. It equips teachers with the tools and confidence to undertake language-teaching responsibilities and/or seek employment. The workshop can be taken for credit or continuing education. Email inquiries to

Seattle Public Schools

Seattle, Washington
Seattle STARTALK 2
July 14-August 30

Seattle Public Schools Startalk Summer '08 proposal will enable the '07 cohort to continue taking coursework leading to Washington state teacher certification. The cohort will be increased by five. Minimum qualifications: BA degree from an accredited university and fluency in Urdu.

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